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Ann Bates

No description

Jean Loiusie Finch

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Ann Bates

What did she do as an occupation? Claiming to be a patriot, she managed to get through the American lines at Philadelphia and traveled to New York, where she became an agent in the spy ring run by Maj. John André. Under the cover name "Mrs. Barnes" she spied on American troops. She posed as a peddler, selling thread, needles, knives and utensils to the American camp followers. In this manner, Bates traveled through rebel camps, counting the number of men and weapons and meeting with other loyalist sympathizers in the American army. On May 12, 1780 Bates requested to leave Clinton's espionage ring and join her husband, a gun repairman with the British Army, in Charleston, South Carolina. What was in her mind? Ann Bates was a loyalist. Her husband as assigned to a British Army. Bates began spying for the British sometime in 1778. ANN BATES was a loyalist American who spied for the British during the American War of Independence. What was behind her? What did she stand for?
CREDITS http://www2.si.umich.edu/spies/people.html http://virtualology.com/revolutionarywarhall/ANNBATES.NET/ http://www.revolutionary-war.net/ann-bates.html http://www2.si.umich.edu/spies/stories-women-2.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Bates http://www.revolutionary-war.net/revolutionary-war-women.html http://www.ushistory.org/us/11b.asp http://www.womenhistoryblog.com/2011/07/ann-bates.html http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Ann_Bates What did she say? What was in her heart? What was in front of her? By the time she reached America, walked into the headquarters of Gen.George Washington, Ann was quoted as saying "I had the Opportunity of going through their whole Army Remarking at the same time the strength & Situation of each Brigade, & the Number of Cannon with their Situation and Weight of Ball each Cannon was Charged with". Ann lived in Philadelphia, working as a schoolteacher, and began her spy career sometime in 1778. Because her husband was in the British army, it was easy for Bates to identify and report on the types of equipment and numbers of men being employed by the American army; she was already familiar with that kind of information. Bates felt it was her duty to seek out information on illegal colonial activity and report back to her husband's superiors. From her husband she learned to identify the weaponry and report on important military information such as the numbers of cannons, men and supplies. The British understood the need to attract American popular support for the parent country, as well. Even with military victory, it would have been impossible for the Crown to regain the allegiance of the people. Revolution would merely flare up at a later date. Ann Bates was very loyal to the Crown. Why Women so important towards the Revolution.
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