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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Abstract 3D Background Blue (CP56)

Prezi by Prezzip

angie macias

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Abstract 3D Background Blue (CP56)

Separate elements:
Para el primer semestre de 2013, la tasa global de
participación del total nacional fue 63,7%, la tasa de
ocupación 57,1% y la tasa de desempleo 10,5%.

Expatriates feature among many examples
Market Characteristics
Internationalisation of professional firm
Professional services firm
customer = ‘company or business’
Technical firms
Customer = individual customer
Different marketing
Describe with examples, the marketing characteristics of P&T Firms?
The Market Situation
Business Opportunity
Customer Profile & Market Trends
Business Environment
Professional Firm
Professional Firm: Commonwealth Bank
The Commonwealth Bank is Australia’s leading provider of integrated financial services
The Bank provides a full range of retail banking services including home loans, credit cards, personal loans and transaction accounts in China
The Group also offers a full range of commercial products including business loans, equipment and trade finance, and rural and agribusiness products.
And it has also growing international presence through banking investments in China 20%

Website: (Commonwealth Bank, 2013)

International Market: China
The Chinese financial services market has been in a process of change and development of the economy.
Become the second largest GDP of $3.42 trillion USD (2007) with 20% of the world population
Strong economic growth, fast growing middle class, large number of investors, high savings rate and developing capital markets, have created interest from many foreign financial firms.
The Annual Report 2011, the total assets of China’s banking institutions reached RMB113.3trillion, an increase of 18.9% year-on-year
Source: (Economy of China 2013)

Bank Opportunities in Chinese financial services market
Gain more customer savings and international business investments
Access large fund management, including superannuation, Real Estate Investment Trust(REITs)
Rapid Wealth management/financial planning/private banking in a large market
Banking products design, including mortgage, financial planning, tax advice, etc.
Financial services innovation related software products
Source: (Financial services to China, 2012)

Market Trend of Financial Service in China 2012
Customer Profile
The growth of the trading market in China from consumers spending
Most of customers settled in urban areas likes Beijing and Shanghai with high standard of living
Estimated more 60,000 people living in cities with rising income, better education, postpone life stages and great mobility.
Most of financial services industry focused on geographic segments especially cities with high wealth development of people and economic growth.

Source: (Atsmon & Mangi, 2012)

Source: (Zhang, 2012)
Technical Firm
Technical Firm: BHP Billiton Limited
Is a Public Company that is ranked number 1 out of the top 2000 companies in Australia.
In 2013 the company generated total revenue from the Metal Ore Mining of $77,136,090,000 including sales and other revenue.
Entered the international market and one of the largest diversified natural resources companies, it ranks among the world's top producers of iron ore and coal

Source: (BHP Billiton Limited - Premium Company Report Australia, 2013)

Main Competitors of BHP Co. Ltd recorded USD$72.226 billion in 2012
Alcoa Inc is the world's third largest producer of aluminium from America earned $25.9 billion in 2011
Rio Tinto Limited is the global leader of aluminium mining and production from Canadian with $2.786 billion USD 2006
Vale S.A. is a Brazilian multinational diversified metals and mining corporation earned USD$46.4 billion in 2012
Expatriates have a significant role to developing profesional & technical firms.
Their role:
-Making the communication process easier between the company and the subsidiaries.
-Aid in establishing country leakages
-Increase firm's understanding of international operations

Firms can also gain market-specific knowledge through an expatriate's experience in the host market.

Example in the case:
A surveying firm won a project via an expatriate employee with the relevant expertise measuring the Petronas Towers in Malaysia
Advantages of Expatriates:
Superior product knowledge
Demonstrated commitment to high customer service standard
Train for promoion
Greater headquarters control
Joint venturing
Las regiones con mayor desempleo en el primer
semestre 2013 fueron: Pacífica (12,8%) y Central

Las regiones que registraron las menores tasas de
desempleo en el primer semestre 2013 fueron:
Atlántica (8,6%), Bogotá D.C (9,7%) y Oriental (9,7%).
Contribución anual a la generación de empleo
por sectores económicos

EL 2013 Y 2014?

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