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Bays: A Beautiful Blue Body Of Water

Julia Halland

Jaci Howard

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of Bays: A Beautiful Blue Body Of Water

Bays: A Beautiful Blue Body Of Water
What is a Bay?
A bay is a large body of water that is surrounded by land. The mouth if the bay is where the water of the bay meets and flows into a lake or ocean. The largest bay in the world is located by India and is called the Bay of Bengal. That is very far away from where we live!!!
Bays and Sea Life
Bays can also be called other names like lagoons, sounds, and bights. The most common name for bays are, bays. Bays are really beautiful and home to ocean life as well. Glacier Bay, Alaska is home to ocean life that you can see if you visit this bay. Bays are truly amazing!!!
Well Known Bays
The biggest bay in the world is located by India. It is called The Bay of Bengal. Another popular bay is the New York bay. The New York bay is two bays, connected by a strait. The bay's mouth can be flowing into an ocean or a lake, it just depends where the bay is.
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