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Services Marketing Presentation

Sarah Gamskjaer

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Starbucks

Services Marketing Willy Cheng
Jeffrey Ng Hung
Joshua So
Bertrand Gerbaud-Morlaes
Frida Johansson
Sarah Gamskjær Case Study of Starbucks Introduction The Service Environment Blueprinting Recommendations Conclusion Agenda Conclusion Blueprinting Starbucks Blueprint Analyze the service process in details to develop a productive operation and to create valued experience to the customers.

Be consistent.
Gathering of information from both the employees and the customers.
Between the front-stage and the back-stage lies the line of visibility .
Fail points.
Failure proofing.
Delays Theory- Blueprinting Everything is organised to please the consumer: Store layout & Interior display Strong emphasis on attracting the customer thanks to : Exterior facilities Service environment is at the heart of Starbuck’s strategy Starbucks : a model of service environment Rigorous hiring process and top training

Continuous interaction with the community Social dimensions The customer has to feel like at home, in a comfortable “third place”: General interior The Service Environment The Russell´s model of affect Stores are adapted to local design and aspirations A cosy and trendy atmosphere Customer is pleased at each step Engineer the customers’ experience and shape their behavior.

Convey the planned image of the firm and support its positioning and differentiation strategy.

Be part of the value proposition.

Facilitate the service encounter and enhance both service quality and productivity. The Russell’s model of affect Starbucks Blueprint Adapted size and format of stores

Developed access and convenience for non-pedestrian customers

Building materials and energy efficient designs to show their commitment for a greener world

Maintaining good relations with neighbors

Promoting local materials and craftsmanship Redesign the menu (Hidden drinks) Recommendations to Starbucks Starbucks seeks to provide the richest coffee and quality service

Service Environment
Adds value to the service process
Portrays the company’s image

Portrays a clear step by step layout of the service
Identify threats and opportunities Finest Coffee Experience Improve awareness of the store environment Improve seat arrangement between different customers Improve greetings and Awareness to thank the customers Improve the inconsistency of rules and regulations between back office and frontline stores Improve communication between staffs Avoid wrong orders and long queue Elevation of coffee and removal of unnecessary distractions

Flexibility to meet the needs of many customer types Free internet to enable their customers to work as well as relax in their shops.

“You order from a menu that refuses to use "small, medium, large" system because they're so "unique, different, and fun", so it's annoying to order anything.”, Yahoo, 2011.
A very successful strategy, scarcely criticized "The Starbucks near me is decorated very pretty and they play cool music, a nice atmosphere. I would go there all the time if I could afford it”, us.toluna.com, 2011." A “love” brand Few reproaches tackle service environment If so, more rejection of the entire concept
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