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Week 15, Lecture 1 - English Language Learners

No description

Megan Brown

on 18 April 2017

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Transcript of Week 15, Lecture 1 - English Language Learners

English Language Learners/Emergent Bilinguals
Helping Not Harming
Who are you?
Oral language versus printed language
Internalized language
Using language knowledge
"The more they know, the more they'll grow"
Literacy in first language helps literacy in second language
Processing is the same
Background knowledge helps and hurts
Research Says...
Put your Writer's Journal (with your name on it)
in the crate

Differences between home and school
Literate culture/background
Vocabulary and education may not match what students know
Where do I start?
Build and apply language
Provide visuals
Employ cooperative learning
Use students' native languages strategically
Adopt approaches proven for native speakers
Validate language
Then what?
Be patient
Keep using the techniques
Use all available resources
Use alternative forms of assessment (when possible)
Involve families
Last Class:
Classroom Feedback (due on Canvas)
Read GJG Chapter 5
Key Terms:
Syntax: ways sentences are structured
Morphology: ways words are built
Inflections: morphemes that do not change parts of speech
Lexicon: body of words that make up a language
Orthography: writing system
ESL Students
Increase in numbers
3/4 speak Spanish
Takes 5 years to reach oral proficiency
Learn like all other children
Write a list (in a notebook or on scrap paper) of words that describe you

Write as many words as you can
I am __________________
but I am not_____________
Intro and questions
Book promos
Who are you? Activity
ESL in the classroom
Preview next class
Check Grades
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