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Sequencing & Author's Purpose

No description

Laura Carrigan

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Sequencing & Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose and Sequence
Name that Author's Purpose!
Nonfiction books
News article
Fact book
Lesson Objectives:
The students will...
learn about Sequencing and review Author's purpose
identify three reasons an author writes a text
complete an activity sheet to determine a sequence of events
the reason the author has for writing
Author's Purpose
Inform, or
the order in which things happen in a story
How can I find the sequence of a story?
look for signal or transition words to help you figure out the sequence
but then...
Signal Word examples:
Adopting a Dog
by Ms. Carrigan
Ms. Carrigan wanted to adopt a dog. First, she went to the Memphis Animal Shelter, where she knew there would be many dogs. Next, she looked at all of the dogs available for adoption. Then, she found a dog that was cute and liked belly rubs. Finally, Ms. Carrigan signed the adoption papers and took her new dog home. She named him Luke.
three main purposes for writing:
Place events in the correct sequence.
___. Ms. Carrigan looked at all the dogs.
___. Ms. Carrigan went to the animal shelter.
___. Ms. Carrigan took her new dog home.
___. Ms. Carrigan found a dog that was cute.
Suddenly, it began to
First, there was a beautiful
But then, the came out.
Finally, the sky was filled with
s .
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