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PNC Business Plan BMGT 486

No description

Raechel Hawkinson

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of PNC Business Plan BMGT 486

The Positioning The Opportunity The Team First Year Performance The Growth The Basics 5 Founding members each investing $7,000

3 Salaried Employees
Ashley Brooks- CEO/Director
Dexter Shankle- CFO/Consultant
Raechel Hawkinson- Web Developer/ Marketing

Charles Gassaway- Investor/Advisor
Amanda Neustrom- Investor/Advisor Year 1 Projections
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec TOTAL
Sales $10,162 $18,241 $24,300 $15,548 $15,548 $18,241 $18,241 $24,300 $24,300 $26,320 $26,320 $31,706 $250,535

Profit ($9,700) $2,187 $7,445 $884 $834 $3,201 $3,174 $8,031 $8,031 $10,425 $10,425 $15,214 $60,153

Position $15,138 $6,706 $5,882 $12,761 $15,117 $16,285 $18,826 $21,242 $27,913 $35,187 $44,912 $54,512 $74,023 Year 1 Customers
# Customers Total Market % Market Share
Montana 101 10,075 1%
Idaho 79 7,878 1% Type of Services Hourly Consulting Sessions Web Based Services 5 Year Plans
Fundraising Strategies
Financial Statements
Public Relations
Statistical Measures
Developing Grant Proposals Advice Blog
Networking Database
Volunteer Contacts
Monthly Publications Pricing
Personal Consulting $100/hr
Online Basic Membership $85/year
Online Exclusive Membership $250/year Services
One-on-one consulting
-video conferencing
Basic & Exclusive Memberships
-webinars Distribution & Promotion
Quarterly mailings sent to nonprofits in the northwest region
Local advertisements in the Missoulian & The Missoula Independent
Advertisements in Nonprofit Quarterly & Chronicles of Philanthropy
Utilize online marketing benefits of social media and website SEO Basic Membership Exclusive Membership Basic Membership + Webinars Mission Statement
At Pacific Nonprofit Consulting it is our mission is to provide nonprofits with the tools needed to secure grant money to continue to make a difference within the community and abroad.

What type of business are we?
Along with our consulting services, we also provide our clients with a physical portfolio, which they can use to acquire grants. Other services that are offered include online memberships and webinars.

What is special about our business?
Our service is designed specifically to eliminate the pain experienced by nonprofits of not knowing how to properly showcase the impact they are making. While working to maximize a nonprofit’s potential, we attempt to minimize grant funding lost due to this pain.
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