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"Excuse Me"

storyboard for xero sum music video

eric madden

on 20 March 2012

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Transcript of "Excuse Me"

1. Enter abandoned building through air vents 2. Fly down to man tied to chair in chains-
water dripping from the ceiling and onto the floor.
Silence engulfs the room, the only thing heard is the sound of dripping from the water on the ceiling.
Man looks around and we start to hear a faint introduction line to the song, muffled

2a. chains
4. direction from the bands perspective
3. direction from mans ear shot 3. The volume starts to increase and the music gets louder

suddenly the camera turns to an area in the floor where the
band is risen by a platform with chains
Music comes to full volume

it complete darkness
just an outline
Angles- mans perspective
2. below shot 4. The lead singer emerges from darkness
behind the band.

strobe lighting
from back to front as singer walks through


diagonal shot from mans

straight shot in front of band
as lights come up.

Shot over shoulder 5. lead singer approaches man in chair while singing lines
shot over the shoulder 6. lead singer swivels chair around that the man is chained to

speed up slow down speed up chair turning.
Diagonal bands pov 7. We cut or slow zoom in on singers hands when climaxing on the phrase "these idle hands will bleed"
blood flies onto camera in post. 8. precursor to chorus-

lead singer kicks chair

shot from far away wall as background

man rolls away and breaks free from chains- 300 effect!

Shot from her pov
cut to shot of him front arm outstretched

cutaway to entire lead singer head raised l
Hands on head

"before I can let this go"singing out loud "before I can let this go" 9. at Chorus Band in all white room-

Front shot

back shot
in white room playing angrily as they watch the man getting beat up on a tv.

lead singer in her normal performance location

entire band playing chorus 10. chorus ends-
"I can't run away..."

Laura backed agains the wall singing while boyfriend is kissing her neck

from side laura looking at camera 11. cut to shot of him kissing neck while his eyes are evil looking
right at the camera

from same angle
as singer

smiles and flicks snake
tongue out.

she drops head and he
looks up with red eyes

"your fucking me like
the devil..... 12. shot of laura singing- "So Excuse me.... I Hate to"

cut to her slightly pushing him off "Interupt you now"

pull back to her singing to him- (facing each other)

pops head up, pushes his shoulder- cut to side view of both in front 13. Cut away to band on white background again

laura in place singing chorus.

- don't show tv again but show band looking at TV 14. instrumental break
shots of the guitar player and drummer

guitarist will have close up of fingers strumming from underneath and we see a out of focus face in background (rack focus)

Drummer will be shot from above while playing 15. Laura-

Walking down lighted path

towards camera

singing "this is who I am and I don't really give a damn

Band in background out of focus 16. Cut to Laura and Dustin-

right next to each other.

Dustin playing and laura singing,
back to back angled.

in front

"What you see is what I'm gonna be..." 17. Cut to Laura walking up to
boyfriend singing second time-

"what you see is what i'm gonna be"

back in dungeon- front view but further apart cut to band right at the drum role end of drum role throw drum stick 18. chorus-

Band on white back ground again

establishing in front, cut to behind see drumstick in tv. 19. halfway through last chorus
cut away to boyfriend looking pissed/confused/lost in dungeon.

eyes faded to black. pull out to shot from front really wide 20. Cut to band in factory background.

Band lowers down as music dies down. 21. End with shot of boyfriend sitting back down and putting face in hands while we hear water dripping again.

pops up demonic
look eyes red,
snake tongue out.
zoom into mouth Shoot tv seperately
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