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6th Grade Elements of Drama

No description

Maggie DesPain

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of 6th Grade Elements of Drama

Elements of Drama
-Characters -Plot
-Setting -Rising Action
-Conflict -Falling Action
-Climax -Resolution
Elements of Drama
Stage Directions: The playwright's insturctions about how to perform the drama
-Details about the way the stage and characters should look
-Instructions about where and how actors should move and speak
-details about other staging elements, such as scenery, lighting, sound, and costumes
What is drama?
-Drama is a story that is meant to be preformed.

-Often times it is performed for an audience

-Author is often called a playwright
Two Types of Drama
-Comedies: Have happy endings. The humor often comes out of the dialogue and situations

-Tragedies: Show the great person known as the tragic hero, brought down by a tragic flaw.
External Conflict: Occurs between a character and an outside force.
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Nature
Man vs. Society

Internal Conflict: Occurs within the mind of a character. The character is torn between opposing feeling

Ex. Man vs. Self
Complex Characters
-Characters that have strengths and weaknesses and experienes a variety of emotions

-Characters may speak their inner thoughts, feelings, and conflicts out loud.
-Conversations among characters can reveal their feelings and personality traits
-Characters may talk about each. The reader or audience must devide whether to accept such comments as truth
-Theme: Central Idea of the drama

6th Grade Elements of Drama
-Monologue: Long uninterrupted speech spoken by one character to another
-Soliloquy: A speech in which a character is alone and reveals private thoughts. Sometimes a soliloquy is spoken to the audience. Other times, the character is speaking only to himself or herself.
-Aside: Comment made by a character to the audience. It is not meant to be heard by the other characters.
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