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No description

Leo Jimenez Ayon

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of BMCanvas

BM Canvas
Local Company

BM Canvas Centro Textil Santo Tomás
Value Proposition
Customer Segment
Focus on TQM to develop a better quality in their fabrics
We developed two BM Canvas, for "INDITEX" and "Centro Textil Santo Tomás". We compared them both to have suggestion on how to improve the local company.
Special services or VIP treatment for their longest clients, like discounts
Web page to follow up the loyalty program in order to gather information about their clients likes and dislikes
Impact on relationship with costumers for the future
Customer Relationship
Key Resources
Agreements with retail stores to sell their clothes as clothing appereal.
Key logistics partners like Logistica Montes, Multitraslados, HAF, Fletes y logística de México
+ Impact on shipping process making it faster and granting better costumer response
Key Partners
Paul Sanchez
Ana Montero
Leo Jiménez
Fernando Núñez
Fabian Roeben
Georgie García
Do you have any question?
Make relationships with retail stores to sell their clothes, with companies like Defactori, En Plural or Felix.
Increase revenue with little cost by not just selling the textile but clothes as clothing pieces, like INDITEX
¡Thank You!




After sales-


-Establish store- known
shooping area like
Plaza del Sol.

Hiring an ExaTec Bachelor in International Logistics, to improve their supply chain (cycle time) at an international level.
To globalize- invest capital in research & logistics, like ISO 9000 standards
Key Activities
Segmented: (designed in mass).
- Customers with low resources (quality with a low cost) like "tianguis".
Sub developed Co. / AVG. Clients
(good quality and good price)
Resourceful companies
(high quality) like INDITEX.
Production division- according to necessity of the potential customer.
New production machines to increase their quantity and also their quality.
Buying new delivery trucks will improve their delivery service by making it fast and more at a time.
Hiring new, young designers.

We believe that our suggestions will
improve the company.
-Great risks- Great Potential
-Continuous improvements
-Raise Co. value: financial, brand, internal business process, customers, learning & growth

Improve direct channel (website).

-Efficient customer
service like Zara.

-Implement evaluation.

-Improve -Indirect (own stores)

-Efficient customer/
staff discussions like Massimo Dutti

Team 4
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