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Mario Cisneros - Area Sales Manager


Mario Cisneros

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Mario Cisneros - Area Sales Manager

Mario Cisneros
30 Day Plan
Agent of Change
60 Day Plan
Developing Capabilities
Driving Results :
90 Day Plan
DSM Accomplishments
2020 Vision
Leading MU In IC Total Sales YTD 2013 +11.29%
Increased Gross Profit by 7.71% in 1Q 2013
Monster Summer Incentive Winner
Honest Tea Drug-Store Challenge Winner
Fine Tune routine for DSM Schedule
Monday Planning Huddle
Tuesday Business Analysis
Wed/Thurs Route Rides
Friday DSM Recap
Yet, Remain Flexible
Build Relationships
Regional/National Customers
Support Brand Partners
Drive Key Account Executives
Passionate Leadership
Optimize San Leandro Routes:
"Put our talent where it's needed"
Re-work 7-Eleven dedicated route paradigm
Improve realistic stops per day for select AM's
Develop Drug Store Route East Bay
Improve Team Morale and Promote Comaraderie
District Sales Managers
Profit Analysis Tool
BI Reporting Tool
Dash Offline
Design Machine Experts
Club Coke Compliance
IC Execution
Fountain Beverage Training
EMOs - New Outlet Creation
Dash Offline Daily Integration
Distribution-Merchandising Empowerment
Ongoing CF-C2 Training
Can-do Attitude
What's In it for me?
Change Learning Culture
Create excitement around meetings
Team Building around meetings
Add Recognition program available on Dash Offline
Teaching is about Inspiring!
Strategic Partnerships
Business Reviews with Key Account & Account Management
Schedule Ride Alongs, Trade Days
Increase Total Volume
Control BD&L
Drive GP through High Margin IC packages
Inspire Everyone
Assess & Develop Talent
Mentor Program
People First Culture
Powerful Portfolio
100% Distribution upon Authorization
Tactical Selling - Demographics from Nielsen Data / Harris Group

Proactive and Responsive to Vendors
Drive High Margin Items to increase Partner Gross Profit
Fact-Based Selling
Align diverse teams and cross-functional teams
Enhance efficiency of routines
Flexible Sheduling
Eliminate Department Silos
Create Cross functional teams
Identify & Mentor Future Leaders
Lead FSOP-SMALL Store Collaboration
Earn MBA - St Mary's Applicant
Catie Blas
Talented Rookie
Diverse Backround
Can Do Attitude
Team Spirit
Craig Doleshel
High Potential AM
DSM in-training
High Technical Capabilities
Team Support
Rudy Diaz
20-year Veteran
Advanced Sales Techniques
Consistent Top Performer
Thank you Jill & Bobby
For your time
Team Based Culture

Innovative Learning Appreach
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