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The Glass Castle: a Presentation

No description

Jane Tallmadge

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of The Glass Castle: a Presentation

Relatively Quick
Summary of the Book

Jeanette Walls and her siblings Lori, Brian, and Maureen live with their neglectful parents, who have a very specific view on life. In her early years, Jeanette and her family traveled through the desert, living off the land. Along the way, she and her siblings suffer starvation and sexual harassment. Eventually their family makes their way to Welch, West Virginia, her father's hometown. He never wanted to return, and Jeanette soon finds out why. She and her siblings spend a year at their grandparents' house where they are abused and starved. Soon their parents scrap up enough money to purchase a small shack for a home. They spend their high school years there, and, once they can, the Walls children escape off to New York City, their parents following them.
The Character:
I chose Jeanette as my archetype. She is represented by the Hero archetype.
She could also be the innocent archetype, but I felt this one fit better.
And I know all.

Annotation 1
"Just then we took a sharp turn over some railroad tracks, the door flew open, and I tumbled out of the car... I waited for what seemed like a long time until I decided it was possible Mom and Dad might not come back for me." (pg 30)
This represents the hero archetype because the character goes through major hardships that most people might not be able to endure.
Annotation 3
"[Dad] threaded a needle with black thread, handed it to me, and pointed at the gash. "Sew it up," he said.
'Dad! I can't do that.'...
I pressed the needle up against Dad's skin and shuddered.
'Go ahead,' he said again.
Heroes do things that they don't want to and they don't shirk from something unpleasant. Although it must have been hard, Jeanette sewed up her own father's wound when he said that he got in a fight with the mountain and the mountain won.
Annotation 4
"If I came and helped her look after her toddlers, she'd pay me two hundred dollars at the end of summer and buy me a bus ticket to Welch.
I thought about her offer. 'Take Lori instead of me,' I said. 'And... buy her a bus ticket to New York City.'"
Heroes give up good things so that others can have them.
Annotation 2
"[Dad] was standing over Mom, holding out his hands, palms up, pleading his innocence.
Lori stroked Mom's hair and dried her tears. Brian leaned against the wall and shook his head.
'Everything's okay now,' I said over and over and over again."
Jeanette is calming her family down after a traumatic incident. Heroes generally take charge and help keep others okay.
The Glass Castle: a Presentation
Annotation 5
"Frozen with fear, I watched the yellow-white flames make a ragged brown line up the pink fabric of my skirt and climb up my stomach. Then the flames leaped up, reaching my face."
Heroes go through out of the ordinary things. They make it through things that are hard.
Plot Diagram:
Jeanette catches on fire and spends a few months in the hospital against her parents will.
Her father grabs her and runs out of the hospital with her, beginning the family's trek in the desert
The Walls move to a small town called Midland where Jeanette is sexually harassed by a boy named Billy Deel.
The Walls move into a nicer home where people sneak in at night due to the low security.
The children stay at their grandparents' house and almost freeze to death in their basement.
They spend years together at 93 Little Hobart Street while they try to earn money for their parents who refuse to keep jobs.
Jeanette makes it to New York City with her older sister, Lori.
She lives with her sister and attends college.
Their parents, brother, brother and sister join them. Brian and Jeanette find their own places, but Maureen and their parents are uncapable of being on their own, so they rely on Lori.
Her father dies.
The remaining Walls join together for a family reunion with all their new families.
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