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Walt Disney Pictures Timeline

No description

David Nasvik

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Walt Disney Pictures Timeline

October 16, 1923
Mickey Mouse is created
Wins Honorary Academy Award for his creation
November 18
Steamboat Willie
is released
First cartoon with synchronized sound
Silly Symphony: Flowers and Trees
First full-color cartoon
First Academy Award for Disney for Animated Short
Disney Brothers Studio is formed
Roy and Walt sign a contract to produce a series called the Alice Comedies
The series features a live actress in an animated world
December 1937
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Disney's first feature length film
First feature length film to use both cel animation and the multiplane camera
First feature length animated film to be produced in both English and in technicolor
Wins Honorary Academy Award
February 1940
November 1940
First use of Fantasound
Precursor to modern surround sound
Wins Honorary Academy Award for its contributions to sound design
October 1941

August 1942

October 1949
The Adventures of Ichabod

and Mr. Toad

February 1950

Treasure Island

Disney's first live action feature length film
July 1951
Alice in Wonderland

February 1953
Peter Pan
June 1955
Lady and the Tramp

January 1959
Sleeping Beauty

January 1961
101 Dalmatians

First feature film to utilize Xerox process in cel animation
December 1963
The Sword in the Stone

October 1967
The Jungle Book

Last film supervised by Walt Disney himself
November 1995
Disney & Pixar partner on
Toy Story
First full-length completely computer-animated film
Toy Story is the 1st of 3 films created in the Disney-Pixar partnership
Wins Honorary Academy
Disney and Pixar sign an
agreement to partner on 5
films over the course of
10 years
November 1998
A Bug's Life

November 2001
Monsters Inc.
November 2004
The Incredibles
Wins Academy Award for Best Animated Feature
June 2006
Pixar's 20th anniversary
June 2011
Cars 2
Pixar celebrates 25 years
December 1970
The Aristocats

June 1977
The Rescuers

March 1977
The Many Adventures of the Pooh

November 1973
Robin Hood

July 1981
The Fox and the Hound

April 1983
The Disney Channel is launched
Showed animated films, cartoons and original programming
Touchstone Pictures is founded
Allowed Disney to produce films for a more diverse audience
Focused on live action films
July 1985
The Black Cauldron
First film to use Animated Photo Transfer (APT)
Wins Academy Award for producing APT
First Disney film to use Computer Generated Imagery
July 1986
The Great Mouse Detective

November 1988
Oliver and Company
November 1989
The Little Mermaid

Last Disney film to use hand-painted cels
First film to use Computer Animated Production System
November 1990
The Rescuers Down Under

First feature film complete with CAPS
November 1991
The Beauty and the Beast

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture
November 1992
June 1994
The Lion King

June 1995

June 1996
The Hunchback
of Notre

Disney merges with ABC
Included 10 TV stations, 21 radio stations, and various magazines and newspapers
June 1997

June 1998

First film primarily produced at Walt Disney World Studios
June 1999
First move to use "Deep Canvas" for rendering 3D backgrounds
January 2000
Fantasia 2000
May 2000

December 2000
The Emperor's New Groove
June 2002
Lilo and Stitch

June 2001
Atlantis: The Lost Empire
November 2003
Brother Bear

November 2002
Treasure Planet

April 2004
Home on the Range

March 2007
Meet the Robinsons
December 2009
The Princess and the Frog

November 2010
Disney's 50th animated feature film
November 2012
Wreck-It Ralph
July 2011
Winnie the Pooh

November 2013

Wins an Academy Award for Best Animated feature
Walt Disney's favorite animation sequence was the transformation of Cinderella's dress
June 2008
Wins Academy Award for Best Animated
May 2009
First animated film to open the Cannes Film Festival
Wins Academy Award for Best Animated Feature
Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture
June 2012
June 2010
Toy Story 3
The highest grossing film of all time
First animated film to make more than $1 billion
Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture
November 1999
Toy Story 2
May 2003
Finding Nemo
The best-selling DVD of all time
Wins Academy Award for Best Animated Feature
June 2013
Monsters University
May 2006
Disney finalizes its
acquisition of Pixar
June 2007
Wins Academy Award for Best Animated Feature
November 2005
Chicken Little

First film to be presented in Disney Digital 3D
First Disney film to be completely CG-animated
November 2008

November 2012

Wins Academy Award for Best Animated Short
Denotes a Pixar film that
won an Academy Award

Denotes a Disney film that
won an Academy Award

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All characters and images displayed on this page © Walt Disney Company & © PIXAR, all rights reserved.
First win for Disney in this category since 1969
Academy Awards
The Academy Awards are an annual American awards ceremony honoring achievements in the film industry. The awards, which commemorate actors, directors, and movies, began in 1929. Winning an Academy Award gives a sense of immortality within the film industry to any worthy recipient. Throughout his career, Walt Disney won both Academy Awards and Honorary Academy Awards for his achievements in animation, as well as numerous nominations for the prestigious award. His company has gone on to set a high standard of achievement within the film industry, which continues to be recognized by the Academy. Within our timeline, we wanted to recognize a portion of these awards.
The Walt Disney Company, in addition to Pixar, has revolutionized the entire animation industry. The Walt Disney Company’s first series of animations, named the Alice Comedies, was the beginning of a journey that has led all the way to Disney’s latest release, Frozen. Disney not only released numerous classic films, but also created many of the innovations and technological advances used in animation today. These developments have made creating animated films easier, allowing higher quality films to be made faster. Creating and producing animated films has become more efficient as the techniques Disney established allow for faster transfer of hand drawn animation and quicker, more visually appealing animation through use of computers. Disney has been honored many times for its films and animation techniques. This timeline gives a glimpse into the animation world of Disney and the way it has been transformed. From its awards to its major films, Disney continues to set high standards in the animation industry and release films to please and amaze its followers.
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