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Shannon Dean

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of VOICE ACTING

The Machine
These are the groups of anatomical parts that produce your voice:

1. Breath
2. Sound Source
3. Resonating Chambers
4. Articulators

The Buttons
These things are the factors that make up how your voice sounds to others:
1. Pitch
2. Elocution
3. Rhythm
4. Stress
5. Melody

The Machine (in detail)
1. To breathe, we use our:
Lungs, Trachea, Diaphram
Abdominal muscles
2. Sound is made by the vocal folds or vocal cords.
3. We have resonating chambers in our mouth, nasal cavities, head and chest.

4. Your articulators include the teeth, palate, tongue and lips
What do 'the buttons' do?
1. Pitch:
How high or low

2. Elocution:
pronunciation of vowels and consonants

3. Rhythm:
The speed of speech, pauses, etc.

4. Stress:
Which words or parts of words get emphasis

5. Melody:
Changing pitch throughout speaking.
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