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Henry Knox

No Description

Matthew Borden

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Henry Knox

Early Life
He was born in 1750. His parents were pioneers from North Ireland; he was the 7th of 10 children! He opened a bookstore to earn extra money
Peak of Career
After Bunker Hill, Knox was helpful in the defense of Rhode Island and Conneticut. Unfortunately, he had failed, he had to retreat from New York when the British invaded.
Frenchman Ducondray
A French man named Ducondray interviewed Washington and lied about Henry Knox. Sadly, Washington believed him and Knox was almost fired.
Henry Knox
Henry Knox was an important person in Colonial America
He was a great tactician and planner for the colonists during their revolution against England.
Early Career
His first "job" was as a volunteer at the Battle of Bunker Hill. At that time, he was good friends with George Washington.
Sadly, He had to give up his education to help his mother after the death of his father.
Washington promoted him to a colonel in charge of artillery due to his performance in battle.
Knox was in charge of the safety of an army during their rest in winter. At this time he created an aresnal which helped tremendously.
Strangely, Ducondray drowned before Knox was fired, thus Henry Knox was not fired and he kept his position.
Later Battles
One other heroic act Henry Knox performed was when he safely secured Valley Forge during that winter. He went to get supplies and visit his family.
Later, at the Siege of Yorktown, Knox was clever in his placements of the cannons, he was then promoted to Major General.
Later Life
His job as major general proved to be very difficult for him; he was very tired and exhausted. Therefore he resigned on December 28, 1794. He became a secretary for 9 years
He settled with his family in Maine; he received a promotion, but he denied it. He died suddenly in 1806.
The End
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