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Coaching and Mentoring Program

Developed by Nathan Grover and John Najmulski EDLS 685

Nathan Grover

on 28 July 2011

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Transcript of Coaching and Mentoring Program

from the National Foundation
For the Improvement of Education: Creating a Teacher Mentoring Program, 1999 Claim: A Coaching and Mentoring Program will
increase retention rates
improve student achievement/skills and knowledge
Create a culture of Collaboration "You could take a practice
run with somebody who has lots
of experience and the ability to
share it...." "The other way is to
be taken to the base of
Everest, dropped off, and
told to get to the top or quit" Purpose of Coaching:
(Instructional Coaching- Knight,J)
implement and improve instructional practice
Provide examples of instructional practice
Building relationship with teachers
Work in partnership with Principals
(The Adaptive School- Garmston,R)
To help another take action toward their goals
Coach support colleagues in areas of planning, reflecting, problem-solving and decision making
Coach's take a non-judgemental stance Purpose of Mentoring:
(Supervision- Glickman,C)
Directed support from experienced teacher to a beginning teacher
Develop a trusting relationship
The Principal will provide, selection, preparation, and on-going support of mentors Mentoring as
a starting
point Coaching enlist teachers change best practices assessment
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