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Meaning of the song Redemption song

No description

ashley ledesma

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Meaning of the song Redemption song

Redemption Song by: Bob Marley
Meaning of the song Redemption song
by Bob Marley
#1 what emotions do you feel while listening to this song?
It makes me feel sad because the of the meaning. he's talking about slavery about how people died and the owners of the slaves didn't care about them, they just used them, how the were heartless. but in the end of the song its saying that the anti-slavery act was passed so in the end if you fight for what you believe in you will most likely succeed.
2.What other events or experiences does this song make you think about?
the times during Martin Luther king Jr., Malcolm X, and also Rosa Parks
3.What story do the lyrics tell?
The story for this song is 9-2 million Africans were robbed of our freedom and sent to the Americas as slaves. 15% of these slaves died. the ones that survived were put to work. the british were the ones that sold and shipped the slaves.the first step: a landmark 1722 legal decision ruled slavery wasn’t supported by English law. later on over the years of fighting for freedom the anti-slavery act was passed which freed all of the slaves.

4.What lyrics stand out to you?
"wont you help to sing this songs of freedom" because hes saying out he wants freedom for everyone, for there be no need to have slaves for everyone to have their own rights.
5.Are there any lyrics in the song that you did not understand or know what they meant? Which
"Minute after they took I from the bottomless pit"
6.What does the mood of the song tell you about how the artist wants the listeners to think about slavery
He wants the listeners to really listen to the song and understand what hes trying to tell us, that we should all be grateful that we did not hav to go through the pain that all of those slaves had to go through that thanks to actually standing up fro what you believe in can actually make a difference.
7.Who do you think is the intended audience for this song?
the people that watched their families suffer, the people that had ancestors suffer through the cruelty of other people that were heartless and didn't have any humanity in them.
8.What is the message the artist is trying to convey in this song?
It sums up his life and what he stood for in his songs: freedom and redemption. Bob Marley was a very spiritual singer who gave hope to the people in his native Jamaica, and whose message spread to the U.S and around the world when he became a legend.
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