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Laura Whalls

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Manganese-54

What is Mn-54 used for?
My Opinion...
My opinion on the continued use of Manganese-54 is that it should still be used in industry. It is used to prevent possibly harmful substances from getting into our ecosystems which could be disastrous. The benefits definitely outweigh the risks. As long as the isotope is handled using the proper equipment and is handled with care, Mn-54 is more useful than harmful.
It is used to predict the behaviour of heavy metal compounds in effluents from mining waste water.
What does that mean???
Manganese-54 is used to track heavy metals to prevent them from escaping into the environment. When a heavy metal passes between the isotope and the detector, the radiation levels change. This lets them know that a potentially hazardous material is present.
A proposed detector of solar flares uses a sample of manganese-54 that is monitored with a gamma-radiation detector as it decays into chromium-54. It is hoped that changes in the rate of decay would indicate solar flares.
Another Use...
1 http://periodictable.com/Isotopes/025.54/index2.dm.html
2 http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/Non-Power-Nuclear-Applications/Radioisotopes/Radioisotopes-in-Industry/
3 http://www.gizmag.com/radioactive-solar-flare-warning-system/23702/
Atomic Mass: 53.94 amu
Half-Life: 312.2 days
Abundance: No abundance
Type of Decay: electron capture
Decays to: Chromium-54 and Iron-54
Manganese-54 is made by neutron activation in a nuclear reactor. This involves capturing a neutron by the nucleus of an atom resulting in an excess of neutrons.
How is it Made?
An alternative isotope that could be used for this job is Zinc-65 (Zn-65).
-Must be behind lead shields when working with .01 millicuries.
-Handle solution vials in shields or use tongs.
- Change gloves often.
-Segregate wastes to those with half lives of over 90 days (but not with H3 or C14).
- Film badges are required when handling.
Health Precautions
4 http://www.stanford.edu/dept/EHS/prod/researchlab/radlaser/RSDS_sheets/Mn-54.pdf
Protons: 25
Electrons: 25
Neutrons: 29
Valence Electrons: 7

Bohr Rutherford Diagram for Manganese-54
* Mn-54 is an unstable radioisotope
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