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100 = 30 + ~ 30 + ~30 + 10

No description

Cvi Iakymechko

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of 100 = 30 + ~ 30 + ~30 + 10

So now let's do a little math...
To be a certified English monster...
100 =
~ 30

~ 30 = 27
~ 30 = 27
20 new words/expressions used = 0.5 point
40 new word/expressions used = 1 point
And what's with
the rest?
30 = 15 + 15
a) 15: grammar tasks + vocabulary tasks (minimum vocabulary)

b) 15: oral test (mistakes + complexity)
Final test
Home task
1 home task done = 1 point

1 home task undone = 1 additional task OR 0 points
Work in class
Independent tasks
F. i., make a summary
of a video about English
idioms connected with
every test/dictation in the
middle of the term
written very well = 1 point
max - 10 points
Sometimes Mas' recalls that he hasn't read the news for 25 minutes! He switches on his phone...
... and all Gerunds disappear...
Every now and then he also forgets
to watch 'Friends' and he also makes
up words at the dictation :) But he always
takes part in class conversations and even uses remembers what the phrase 'At the end of the day' means. What is his
mark for the term?
Sergiy always writes down all new words and expressions. And he even learns them!)) He always does his home work. However, he is not very talkative at the classes. What mark would you put to Sergiy?
Nikita likes to write down home tasks in one
word. So from time to time it is more difficult
to decipher his notes than to do the home task. On the other hand, he is sometimes very diligent with difficult expressions home tasks.
Is there a chance for him to get Upper-Intermediate A+ or Advanced certificate?
Zhenia is sitting at his office
and doesn't even suppose we
are solving these small math exercises. How many English teachers is Zhenia going to have in his life? :)
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