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UX Design and Testing

No description

Sunny Yang

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of UX Design and Testing

UX Design and Testing
What is User Experience Design?
Basic UX Design Principles
Case studies
UX Design Process
Usability testing
Case Studies
First impressions matter
Squint or 5 second test
What is it?
How much is it?
How do I get it?
Clear Call to Action
Design Process
Usability Testing
Different field from UX Design
Technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users
Measures the usability, or ease of use, of a specific object or set of objects (products, food, websites, applications, etc)
Market research methods collect user opinion
Not all methods are appropriate all the time
Define a vision and goals
Understand your competitors [Competitive Evaluation ]
Understand your customers - [Personas, Customer segments]
Feature prioritization
Information Architecture and Flows
Iterative prototypes
Usability testing
Final Specifications
Visual Design (ideally in parallel, and after branding)
Some usability methods are more appropriate in different stages of the design process
Depends on the amount of time, money and resources available
OK to recruit co-workers that do NOT work on the same project

1) Identify what questions you want answered (objectives)
2) Decide which methods best answer the questions
3) Create scenario & draft plan
4) Recruit participants
5) Practice session
When to do what
Clear & Concise
Click here
- Click where? for what?

To download
, go to the MyFakeApp website and get the necessary software.
- Too long

- Action link

Tell me more about

Basic UX Design principles:
Define goals
Feature priority
Simplify text / language
Clear & Concise
Follow established UX patterns
Prevent errors, allow undo, give feedback on system status
Present few contextual choices

Basic UI Layout principles:
White space
Visual hierarchy
Grids http://markboulton.co.uk/journal/five-simple-steps-to-designing-grid-systems-part-1
First Impressions Matter
How much is it?
How do I get it?
Clear Call to Action
Define Goals
What is UX Design?
User Experience Design is the experience of a user interacting with a system http://uxdesign.com/ux-defined

NOT just beautiful graphics, latest trends or new front end technology [http://uxmag.com/articles/ux-is-not-a-verb]

Understands & meets user needs
Build positive experiences!
"You are not the user"

Simplify Text
People don't read
Less is more
Follow a consistent language style (formal, informal, professional, young)
Match your branding, colors image choices
Photo selection
What does it do?
Usability testing
Card sorting
Card sorting can be used to design or redesign a site map, settings, or main menus' of various types of products
Online card sorting programs
Open card sort
is to create cards for each of your settings and ask your tester to sort them into groups. Then, ask them to create a group name for each group
After testing a few people you can then do a
closed card sort
, as your users should be presented with the group names and given cards to place into each group
Used to describe a task-based usability testing session with user 'thinking aloud'
Create a scenario or situation where your participant can walk through some of the major tasks that the product needs to accomplish
For example, if your website is a HIV drug information site, tasks may be to sign up for an account and be able to find information on a specific HIV drug
As the participants does the task, ask them to "talk aloud"
Paper prototyping
Use rough "paper" prototypes to elicit feedback from users (fidelity varies)
Good in the early stages of your design process
Quickly and iteratively make changes within a short period of time
Advantage is the time and money it saves
Disadvantage is its not appropriate if you are far along in the design process and/or using high fidelity mockups

Diary or longitudinal studies occur over a period of time
Advantage: ability to uncover usability issues that cannot be found through regular usability testing, problems that occur over time.
Also, some issues in one-time usability testing are resolved over time
How to: send a user a physical or digital diary/journal and asking them to record their usage of your product. Include quick questions, ratings and free form to see if their attitudes change over time
Disadvantage: Hard to find dedicated participants, more time consuming and expensive
Popular method often utilized by marketing agencies to test the popularity of a product with a group of users at the same time
Key to a good Focus Group is a good moderator who can control the flow of conversation and balance the speaking times between a group of people.
In a group of 7 people, some are shy, talkative, aggressive so a great moderator will make sure that everyone gets a chance to talk
Make sure that your time is well prioritized and practice to get a good handle on how much time each exercise should take you
Focus Groups
Eye tracking
Eye tracking measures either where one is looking (gaze) or eye motion relative to a person's head.
Nowadays, one can use a combination of webcams and other built in monitor technology to track a persons gaze
Eye tracking has been touted as a method to help understand what a user is actually looking at on a website or product versus what they 'say' they are looking at or paying attention to.
Not a particularly useful technology because of the false positives
Grouping and Priority
Navigation, organizational structure and metaphors used should be predictable and reliable
When things don't match up between multiple areas, the experience can feel disjointed, confusing and uncomfortable
For example, click on a link opening up a pop up on one page and clicking on a link going to another page
Consistency implies stability
Using photos
Path /Breadcrumbs
Get me home
Page titles
UX Design Process


My Portfolio: sunny.carbonmade.com

UI Patterns
UX Blogs & Books


The Design of Everyday Things &
Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman

Designing Interactions by Bill Moggridge

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte
We're Hiring!
Do you know any talented...

Java Developers

Python Developers

email us: jobs@engageSPARK.com

& Prototyping tools
Personas are fictional characters used to represent a target user segment. Describe their background, attitudes, behaviors and needs





How to:
Information Architecture & Flows
Final Specifications
Define a vision
An analysis of the competition in your given industry. UX specific evaluation can help provide best practices, high level inventory of functionality, visual style, and labeling and taxonomy.

Competitive Evaluation
- Communicate value of UX Design and testing to those around you

- Incorporate UX design and testing into your process as much as possible

- You are not the user!
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