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No description

Andrea Pizzato

on 22 August 2014

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With help of tourist activities, modern technologies and new, mutual living concepts (old and young together) doing a remodeling of the interior structures and defining new ideas for the region.
the stakeholders
The "
Lokale Aktionsgruppe

(a group of private citizens and municipal employees): started the process

The residents of the village
: are taking part in the program

The Burgomaster of the village
: he enrolled the village into the competition to turn around the fate of our village

The regional businessmen
activities on the project
Existing long-term interest groups:
div sports groups like gym, walking, soccer...
for each age and gender.
voluntary fire brigade with a youth department
fishing club, music club and accommodation for horse back riders and horses as well as other creative activities and courses

With the Project launched actions and institutions:
neighborhood help bourse, food courses,
a 72 hours project,
publishing a booklet about the village for new inhabintants
wishes and opportunities
what are
the aims and challenges
enable people to stay in their homes as long as possible
gain more /new townspeople
keeping the value of the homes and the village
improving the situations of computer/internet related workspace
providing facilities for tourist to create income for the village business people
creating mix housing forms (young/ old together)
install an internet infrastructure (WLAN,..)
Why is it a Commons
The project is a Common because the inhabitants share the natural resources of property. The value of the property depends on the future of that "Dorf" ("village"). If the Dorf "dies out" all inhabitants will lose their property and with that maybe their life savings or their heritage for the next generation.
why and for whom
1. for all inhabitants of our village.
next steps
Recognition of Charitable Status
- Resources -
identification & analysis
that's us:
Gerolstein-Büscheich, Verbandsgemeinde Gerolstein
core questions on the project
long-term strategy
A project, supported by LEADER - a rural development program of the EU Commission.
clear Communication
getting all to feel as one group
to carry on that project is difficult
no money for special tasks such as removing old, dangerous shingles from the houses
internet presence is connected with city of Gerolstein (no own money to do/host the page our self)
2. create housing for employees of Gerolstein companies
4. for creating new working places
3. for tourists -
because of accommodation, hiking path.
Organization and structuring of existing resources in a construct for the new association.
Founding Event for a new association.
In jointly achievements the city hall was remodeled, as well as sports facilities, building of a new village place and renovated the church.
The exploit ability of resources in two Commons projects
A Chance for a Village
The village "Büscheich" is a self-contained area and the inhabitants have similar interests regarding the survival and development of the region and the village.
Helping people help themselves will be a good basis for a successful project.
The stakeholders of the project "Schnippeldisco" have completely different interests.
The interests may be:
fun (snipping, cooking, socializing),
environmental protection,
prevention of food waste (both as a political attitude of individuals as well as an ethical claim of a market)
To get such a "food project" up and running, a third party is needed as an initiator and "negotiator"
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