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fox thomson

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Space

Thanks For Watching!! Stars and Galaxies are:
Galaxies are a group of stars and planets that circle on one point which some times is a black hole but in ours there isn't Why we can see stars at night! What are stars and galaxies? The moon moves
around the earth Then the earth moves
around the sun
Fox Thompson
Harry Bowman
Matthew Moran
Lee Stone
Edward Hedgecock But... The stars do not move
around the sun About Space They move around a
mystery object in the
center of the galaxy Ooh. Scary Scientists believe
its a black hole So Why can't we see stars in the day? Although some stars are more than 30
times larger than our sun in our galaxy
our sun is the closest. It is just 150,000,000
km which sounds like a lot but is just 8
light minutes away from Earth while Alpha
Centauri, a star much bigger than our own,
over four light years a way. However because of this
the sun's raw light is enough to
blot out all the light from the
distant stars so its near impossible
to see them Black holes Black holes are an endless void that would crush you if you went into it. They defy the laws of both gravity and physics Was not here 2012 hi Harry!!! Super-nova Think of someone shooting you
and someone punching you at the
same time. You don't notice the punch's
because the bullets block them out ED, FOX AND MATT ARE GAY!!! (^_^) What object is so
close it blocks out
the light from other stars What are in the center of some galaxies LOLZ The sun What does the moon rotate around Black holes The earth Do stars move around the sun No Galaxies are a group or collection of stars and planets circling one area of space which some people say it's a black hole but our galaxy does not have a black hole. Which is bigger,
the sun or Alpha
Centauri Alpha Centauri Questions Crunch Lolz Crunch Lolz I love my sense o bad spellin Ed waz ere
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