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Departmental Prezi

Why Political Science at CEU?

Political Science Department

on 3 January 2019

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Transcript of Departmental Prezi

Our academic offer
Alumni mostly continue their careers in the academia, NGOs, international
organizations, private business and the civil service.*
Comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum;
Development of research skills;
Socialization into (English-language) academia;
Work with recognized international scholars;
Access outstanding library and other facilities;
Good chance to obtain partial or full tuition waiver and stipend from CEU, worth free accommodation and ~350 EUR a month (MA); ~750 EUR (PhD).
One of the best programs
Live in an exciting and
beautiful city
about 8 new students each year, and altogether 50 students at the moment;
three years (or more) of scholarship;
requires an MA;
accredited program in the USA
Opportunities for students
Research assistantships in cross-national research projects funded primarily by the European Commission;
Conference participation with travel support from CEU;
Participation in summer and winter university programs financed by CEU;
Semester abroad program for PhD students/Erasmus for MA students;
The diverse educational background of accepted MA students
- Social and Political Theory
- Comparative Politics
- Political Economy
- Political Communication
- Electoral Politics
- Research Methodology
- Comparative European Politics
- Post-Communist Politics
- Public Policy
- Constitutional Politics
We offer certificates of specialization in such subfields as....
International exchange opportunities
Erasmus exchange programs with leading universities within the EU
2 Postdoctoral Research Fellows
Center for Media & Communication Studies
Students can choose from a variety of courses, approximately 45 MA and 20 PhD courses each year, delivered by internationally recognized professors and experts in political science.
You can check our course listing with syllabi here:
Check out our permanent and visiting faculty profiles:
about 40-45 students each year;
requires four years BA degree;
accredited program in the USA
about 15–20 new students each year;
requires a three-year BA;
accredited in both Hungary and the USA;
Department of
Political Science

Some of the good reasons to study
political science at CEU

CEU was named among the world’s top 29 and Europe's top 7 universities for political science and international relations programs in 2015 by the Quacquarelli Symonds’ (QS) annual survey.  
Study as a member of a very international, able and vibrant student body, establishing life-long contact with high-achievers in particular from Eastern and Central Europe.
PhD program:
One-year MA Program:
Two-year MA Program:
In 2013, two professors of the Political Science Department, Dorothee Bohle and Bela Greskovits were commended with the prestigious Stein Rokkan Prize for their publication "Capitalist Diversity on Europe's Periphery" as an exceptional contribution to the field of comparative social science research.
The Department also received five out of six stars from the prestigious Center for Higher Education Development, as one of Europe’s ten best universities.
Student and alumni

Research groups and research centers:
Political Economy Research Group
Political Behavior Research Group
Conflict and Security Research Group (CONSEC)
Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine
Certificate programs
Check us out:
Contact us:
Like us:
Connect with us:
Opportunity to establish life-long contact with colleagues from all over the world
CEU Political Science Department
LinkedIn group
Political, Legal and Moral Theory Research Group (POLEMO)
Migration Research Group (MiRG)

Populism Research Group
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