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Feedback and Assessment timeline for PebblePad

An overview of how portfolio-based assessment and feedback happen in a module or programme

Joy Robbins

on 8 August 2017

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Transcript of Feedback and Assessment timeline for PebblePad

First month
Set points during module/ programme
Induction / first week
Student shares work to ATLAS
Feedback & assessment timeline for PebblePad
Give quick, early formative feedback
Give formative and summative feedback
Workplace mentors, placement tutors etc. give feedback
Give summative feedback / grade
(Carless 2015 p.240)
Breakdown of submissions
to see who has/hasn't shared work, message those who haven't
Feedback Statements
to streamline this

*students can respond within the system
week 5
formative progress check
week 8
summative marks for activity X
week 12
formative use of final marking rubric + comments
my work has an audience/ matters/ is real
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