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Kat Von D

A biography of Kat Von D

Alicia Packer

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Kat Von D

Kat Von D Kat Von D an American tattoo artist and television personality, was born Katherine von Drachenberg on March 8, 1982. She was born in the town of Nuevo Leon, Mexico to René Drachenberg and Sylvia Galeano. She has made her way into the homes of millions of people all over the world through the reality television show Miami Ink, which first premiered on TLC in July 2005 and later LA Ink which premiered on the same channel on August 7, 2007. Von D’s father and mother were both born in Argentina, though her father's family origins were German with her mother's being Spanish-Italian. She moved with her family to the Los Angeles area at the age of four and spent her childhood in Colton, California. She was classically trained in piano beginning at the age of six. This can be attributed to her paternal grandmother who also exposed her to great composers such as Beethoven, who she particularly admires. Kat maintains a strong relationship with her parents and her siblings, a brother Michael and a sister Karoline, and says that “finding the time to spend with her family is a priority.” Kat Von D is covered in hundreds of tattoos. She doesn't know for sure just how many she has. However, her first tattoo was an Old-English J. Her work is highly esteemed. She is almost always booked to capacity with a long waiting list. Kat Von D is an amazing tattoo artist, and is one of the most well known tattoo artists alive today. Oh yeah, and she's a girl. Thank you for watching. She got it at the age of fourteen. By sixteen, she had quit school to pursue a career in tattooing. The end! :)
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