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The 11th Hour Film Analysis


Jacqueline Guzman

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of The 11th Hour Film Analysis

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Erienne Diaz, Lwin Gugin, Jackie Guzman
EN450: Environmental Literature The 11th Hour What is the 11th Hour? Appeal to Pathos Emotion: sadness, sympathy
Visual and Sound Schematics
Humans as Destroyers Appeal to Logos Statistics
Overpopulation ruins the balance
Deforestation is due to overpopulation Connecting Questions? Appeal to Ethos Experts (Best Witnesses)
Nobel Prize Winner
Famous Actor Secondary Text Analysis "Mass Communication and Public Understanding of Environmental Problems: the Case of Global Warming" by Stamm. Keith R et. al.
Published in 2000, treated as a visionary of effective media coverage Argued that public understanding of global warming is an example of a mass communication problem that has yet to be adequately solved
Media has no/little effect if not contributing to misunderstanding
Media coverage focuses "superficially on human interest and economic impact Proposed a model:
Coverage > Understanding > Action Secondary Text Rhetorical Interpretation Ethical appeals to the presenter(s) in the media > deeper media and coverage for the environmental problems > credible source (evidence) of information, producing logical appeals > emotional appeals and simultaneous understanding of the viewers/public > Action (desired reaction due to the effective appeals of the extensive media coverage) The article educates the reader
Also enlightens the people in the media and mass communication
The text itself reveals the rhetorical triangle
the authors
the argument - causes, consequences, solutions/scientific approach towards the issue
the following improvement in the media, for instance "The 11th Hour" documentary Biblical References
refers to the very last hour before an anticipated event Key Issues:
Global Warming
and everything contributing to it:
fossil fuel use
extinction Domino Effect > Global Warming
Past issues are today's issues
Human Behavior
Environmental Responsibility
The Solution?
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