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Joseph Miller

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of electromagnetspectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum! The electromagnetic spectrum is the complete range of an electromagnet, wave frequencies and wave lengths. Infrared waves Infrared have wavlengths between 0.001m and seven-hundren billionths of a meter, and all warm bodies emit infrared waves. Ultra violet waves Electromagnet waves with wavelengths between about 400 billionths and 10 billionths of a meter, are UV rays. These wavelengths are shorter than those of visible light waves.
The sun gives off UV rays and can cause skin cancer and damage your skin. But you need some UV rays for your body to produce Vitamin D. The eye! You can see an object when light emmited or reflected from the object enters your eye. light waves first pass through a transparent layer called the cornea, then the transparent lens. How do we see color??
When light waves strike an object, some of the ight waves are reflected.The wavelengths of the light waves that are reflected determine the objects color. ...For example a red rose reflects light waves that have wavelenghts in the red part of the visible spectrum. How do microwaves work? Microwaves use waves to cook food
The waves they use have a wavelength between 0.3m and 0.001m.
Microwaves are also used to tansmit information to and from cell phones! How do Radio waves work? The waves that carry radio and televison signals to your home are radio waves.
The wavelenghs of radio waves are greater than about 0.3m. some are even thousands of meters long. Thank you for reading!!!
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