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Humanae Vitae

No description

Rebecca Gutherman

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Humanae Vitae

Humanae Vitae and Beginning of Life Issues
God's Loving Design - Marriage
When two people marry, the perfect one another both physically and spiritually.
When they marry, they also join together with God to do His Divine Work - the represent the unity between Christ and the Church.
Marriage needs to be: FREE, TOTAL, FAITHFUL and FRUITFUL.
Two people come together freely (out of free will). They must freely become one heart and one soul.
Two people must give of themselves wholly to one another. TOTALLY. Sacrificial love.
Faithful. Two married people remain married and only engage in marital acts with one another. This also includes thoughts.
Fruitful. One of the main points of marriage is to procreate. Children are the ultimate gift of marriage.
Responsible Parenthood
On the surface - caring and providing for your children.
Below the surface - engaging in each act with the full knowledge of the potential result = children.
Problems with R.P. in society - many times sexual acts take place outside of marriage = children out of wedlock = a need to fix the "problem."
How is the "problem" then fixed?
Also under R.P., Humanae Vitae says that parents cannot choose when to begin or end life.
This is in reference to physical/mental handicaps.
How it's not...
Free - arranged or child marriages, forced "marital acts," sexual assault, sex trafficking.
Total - contraception is withholding a piece of self from the spouse; homosexuality, IVF (only procreative).
Faithful - cheating in both mind and body.
Fruitful - birth control, contraception, avoidance of marital acts, not participating in responsible parenthood, gendercide, infanticide.
Birth Control
We cannot think in the manner of "abortion > birth control."
Birth control in any form is not only making a marriage not TOTAL but also not FRUITFUL.
It also progresses to a engagement in sexual activity for pleasure and not the original purpose for children.
You cannot reverse the act...a life began...responsible parenthood.
Specific Issues
Ways to Counter?
* The Polaris Project, Not For Sale, GEMS: Girls' Education and Mentoring Services, A21
* LIVE ACTION: Planned Parenthood Exposed
* Rachel's Vineyard, Community Women's Center of Bucks County
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