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All About Buoyancy And More

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Wilson Huang

on 3 April 2012

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Transcript of All About Buoyancy And More

Buoyancy Buoyancy Buoyancy is the force in water that keeps things afloat. Water gives it and balances the force of weight. This allows things to float. All About Expansion and Contraction Expansion occurs when liquid ands solids are heated as particles vibrate quicker. Contraction is the opposite of expansion. Compressibilty Things that can be compressed are gases which are very easy to compress. Other things like solids and liquid are impossible to compress Bibliography Science Focus One Second Edition, Greg Rickard, Pages 51, 231, 232, 57, 58 Pressure Pressure is the amount of power put onto something. Pressure happens in jars when they are heated and in air. Density Density is how heavy something is per cubic centimetre. Density is calculated like this density = mass/volume. And More Plimsoll Line A pimsoll line is a line found on a ship. It marks the limit of how much cargo it can hold. Archimede's Principle Archimede's principle was created by archimedes. It tells us when you put something in water it goes up with the force the same as its weight. http://library.thinkquest.org/27948/archimede.html Floatation Floatation is when something is floating. This includes boats. By Wilson Huang Thank You For Watching
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