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My Trip

No description

David Wuestenhagen

on 22 March 2012

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Transcript of My Trip

Trip to Copenhagen,Denmark David Wuestenhagen Delta Airlines Left for Copenhagen, Denmark
at 9:35 PM Friday April 27, 2012
and arrived at 5 PM April 28 Flew back to MSP 2:35 PM Sunday May 6, 2012 Total trip flight cost was $1,050.22 Hotel Stayed at the Marriot Hotel for 8 nights $467.71 Per night total cost was $3,741.68 Car Renault Megane Cabriolet
from Auto Europe $855.71 Total What I did Rosenborg Castle, Sun April 29, Free
Copenhagen Zoo, Mon April 30, $25
Tivoli Gardans, Tue May 1, $17
Round Tower, Wen May 2, Free
Museum of Danish Resistance, Thu May 3, Free
Botanical Gardens, Fri May 4, Free
National Museum, Sat May 5, Free Where I ate Ate breakfeast every day at hotel and ate there on April 28 for supper and ate there on May 6 for lunch.

Rosenborg Castle Sun April 29, Asador, $72
Mon April 30, Frederiks Have $140
Tue May 1, Kiin Kiin $204
Wen May 2, MASH $100
Thu May 3, Kokkeriet $100
Fri May 4, Madklubben $100
Sat May 5, La Fiorita Pizzeria $24 Tivoli Gardens Total cost: 6,369.61
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