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Steps for improvement

No description

Gill Brown

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Steps for improvement

E -Enabling will improve efficiency and effectiveness of a department.
This means:
using of moodle and promonitor
using e resourses to assess learners and deliver learning in interesting and stimulating ways
looking for diversification of income through distance learning options
The entrepreneurial talents of the Deputy Head of Department will be needed for diversification of income.
This could be achieved by:
explore provision from different exam boards which give value for money and meet customer needs
providing clear progression routes so no learners are lost
looking for new markets in the community, through partnerships, by international links
looking for opportunities to create college learning companies
Steps for Improvements
Priority of all work is to achieve an excellent student experience.
Quality of Teaching Learning and assessment is central to this
This can be achieved by encouraging a culture of collaboration and mutual support.
use grade 1 lecturers as role models
share resources on moodle and in team meetings
use internal verification to drive up quality
share good practice seen in other centers
support less confident teachers through team teaching, mentoring and individual action plans.
Effectiveness of the department relies on full engagement of the resources available
fully utilizing all staff by careful timetabling and strong recruitment
matching the course portfolio to staff expertise
train staff to increase course portfolio
effective use of 600 hrs per student
effective use of facilities both on site and across the city

One measure of the effectiveness of a department is the employability of the learners measured by the destinations data .
This can be achieved by
using additionality and effective information and guidance to create learning pathways which match the career aspirations of our learners.
embed work experience opportunities into the learner experience wherever possible
use enrichment to provide work experience or volunteering opportunities
form partnerships with potential employees
develop opportunities for apprenticeships
create college learning companies
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