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Wednesday 4.15.15

No description

Amy Swanson

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Wednesday 4.15.15

WODs Wednesday
Wednesday 4.15.15
Read independently for 15 minutes. This requires you to have a book with you that you are really, truly reading. It also requires you to silently read said book for the duration of 15 minutes.
Do Now
ingenious knickknack
Turn to page 29 in your NIGHT packet.

I will draw names to analyze these similes and metaphors.

Now, turn to page 56 in the novel. We will continue to read Section 4.
First, let's look at pg 35 in the packet. How do Wiesel's descriptions of setting reveal the tone-- the author's attitude toward the subject?

Next, we will work in small groups to brainstorm possible themes for the novel and identify evidence for 1.

Finally, we will write a journal entry in response to what we've read.

Look over the roots and related words for this week. Let's do the practice exercises on the back.
Letters to Hitler
Who else would like to share? We can do four today and four tomorrow. If there are more people who would like to share, I will extend it to Monday and perhaps Tuesday.
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