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Mean, Median and Mode

An introductory activity for Averages.

Andrew Lanning

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Mean, Median and Mode

Averages, Cheshire County Council,
Retrieved on 14 April 2010
from: http://www.moveoncheshire.com/numeracy2/mean.htm There are 3 different ways to measure
the average of data.
Mean, median, and mode. We are going to learn them all today!! We're going to measure the length
of our hair (as is) and find the class
averages! 1. Get a friend to measure your hair
length to the nearest cm. 2. Write the length on the board. 3. Get out your workbook, and get ready
to find the averages!! Mean = Sum of all values Number of values Median is the middle number. Arrange all values in ascending order Find middle by crossing off outer values. Mode is the most common. Whichever number is repeated the most. Lady Gaga, (2010) ninemsn,
Retrieved 14 April 2010 from:
/yourcelebrityvote/755525/lady-gagas-hair Practice:
Ex 10.5, page 450
Q1 (every 3rd)
Q2, Q4 (every 3rd)
Q5 You have 5 minutes!! Line up from shortest to longest hair.
Then we'll find the median.
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