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No description

Nina Schmidt

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Calligraphy

Calligraphy Qalam Phase 1 Paper Picture Writing Ink Calligraphy -Made of either bamboo, a rose stem, or a reed
- Each Qalam goes through a proccess called seasoning which can involve being buried in horse manure to harden and darken
-seasoning can take over 4 years
-It is then cut diagonally on the tip with a Makta to create a space for ink -Papyrus was used as paper in the earliest stages of calligraphy
-Dyed with various things including tea, onion skins, and henna because plain white was considered too stark
- In the 7th century, conventional paper was introduced from China and has been used ever since. The next slide is a picture of a sunrise by the artist Everitte Barbee. It contains script from the ninety-third book of the Qur'an. This is an exerpt:
"By the morning brightness; by the night when it covers you with darkness; your lord has not taken leave of you O Muhammad, nor has he detested you."
The Core of Islamic Culture Overview Most Americans write everyday and consider it a usual thing, but for Muslims, writing is considered art. They call it calligraphy. They write with each letter connected to the next on a diagonal slant as well as writing from right to left. There are people called scribes who write in religious texts for a living. They write on a paper made out the papyrus plant with a bamboo or rose stem ink pen called a qalam. The End Most calligraphers prized the recipe for their ink and only revealed it to their most trusted. But the basic compound of calligraphic ink is this:
-Vegetable oil
-Black Earth
-Egg Whites
And other various ingredients depending on the type and color of the ink
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