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The Stone By:Lloyd Alexander

No description

Carissa McCall

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of The Stone By:Lloyd Alexander

The story is about a man named Maibon. He helps a dwarf, so he is granted one wish. He got a stone that makes him never grow old. After he gets the stone, a bunch of things go terribly wrong. So, he then tried to get rid of it, but it kept coming back to him. He was about to try to destroy it again, but he seen the dwarf. He started yelling at the dwarf. The dwarf agreed to take the stone off of his hands. he it to him, and went on happily with his life.
It teaches you a good lesson throughout the story. It tells you to be thankful for what you have because when Maibon got the stone, his would turned up-side-down. I think the author was trying to tell something meaning ful and i think they did a good job on describing it and the event in the story.
My Opinion

A dwarf got stuck under a log. He granted Maildon a wish.
His wife finally got to the point were nothing was going right and she told him to get rid of it !
The dwarf took it off his hands. He was free of the stone. The hen's eggs hatched, the cow had her calf, and the apple/ wheat started growing, and the baby got its first tooth.
Maibon is the main character. He is very selfish. He only cared about himself. He is a dynamic character because at the beginning of th story he was very selfish and revolved around himself but towards the end he started realizing what he had done, so at the end of the story he was not as selfish. Maibon is the protagonist. He is a dynamic character.
Doli is a round character. He is a dwarf . He is short but thick. He had red hair bristling in all directions. He was wearing a round, close fitting cap
the baby is a flat character. The baby is also a round character. The baby is a minor character because the baby's only mentioned briefly.
Mondrona is very caring. she is always thinking of other people. We don't know a lot about her, so she is a flat character. She is a static character because she wants him to get rid of the stone throughout the whole story. She is a minor character because she is only mentioned briefly.
Maibon is afraid of growing old. This is internal conflict
Maibon is torn over whether or not to get rid of the stone. This is internal conflict.
The dwarf get his leg caught under a log. this is external conflict. it is charicter vs. nature.
Doli and Maibon argue over the wishes. this is external conflict. it is character vs. character.
Maibon and his wife argue over his stone. this is external conflict. this is character vs. character.
The Stone By:Lloyd Alexander
Carissa McCall
What The Story Is About
Rising Action
Falling Action
He wanted a stone as his wish. They argued until the dwarf agreed to give it to him. He went home, and told his wife about the stone. After he told her, she started yelling at him. She said he was selfish. So, Maibon threw the stone into the fireplace because he said the dwarf gave him an ordinary stone. He woke up the next morning, surprised that his beard had not grown any and the hen had not laid her eggs. The next day, the hen had still not laid her eggs, the cow hadn't had her calve, the seeds did not grow in the garden, and the wheat nor the weeds were growing. Some days went by, nothing happened. Soon, the apple trees weren't growing. He threw the stone out of the cottage window. He had it in the back of his mind, to go get it later. The next morning he didn't even have to go looking for it, because it was on his window. The baby was still not growing his teeth.
Maibon carried it to the veggie garden, dug a deep hole, and put the stone in it. Since that did not work, he threw it down a well. He kept hearing noises, so he went to go see what it was. When he looked down the well, the stone was sitting at the bottom of the bucket. Then, he finally realized that the stone was horrible. He tried to pound it with the heaviest mallet. As soon as he was about to hit it, he seen the dwarf. He Started yelling and screaming at the Dwarf.
Be happy with what you have, because in the story, Mibon only thought about himself, he was very ungrateful. he soon realized that he didn't want the stone because nothing was changing and he started to feel unlucky.
They live on a farm. They have a big field that has wheat going in it. They have a cow pasture. They have cows and chickens. If the setting wasn't there, the story would not sound right. It is part of making a story and without it, there would be nothing.
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