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This prezi is about gymnastics.

Makayla Jones

on 14 May 2011

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Transcript of Gymnastics

Introduction Gymnastics is a sport and it involves your
upper body strength and lower body
strength. There are many different kinds of
gymnastics. There are artistic, rythmic,
trampoline, and tumbling. Gymnastics also involves lots of streching. Gymnastics involves lots of equipment
and time to compete. Three things that most gymnasts use daily are
the beam, the floor, and the bars. Some girls compete all around the world! Gymnastics Artistic Gymnastics Artistic gymnastics is one discipline of gymnastics. Artistic gymnastics is different from any other
kind of gymnastics. Artistic gymnastics first became popular
in the 20th century. When the olimpics came, women weren't very interested
in sports all that much. Womens Artistic Gymnastics is the most popular form of
sports for women in the United States. The feminine form of the Greek word “gymnastikos” means “fond of athletic exercises”; along with the word “gymnos” meaning “naked” thanks to the Greek proclivity for exercising and competing sans clothing. Greeks Gymnastics has lots of equipment required. Bars Vault Beam Floor (Some examples) Equipment Beam- the beam is a way of balancinq and all kinds of different flips are done on it. The balance beam was mostly used in competitive gymnastics. A guy named Jahn named
the balance beam . Bars- The uneven bars are also known
as the asymmetric bars. Some gymnasts have
routines. In their routines they sometimes put the
uneven bars in their routines and one stunt they
do on the bars are giant swings. The uneven bars
are used in competitive gymnastics. Introduction These pictures on the right were shown because I
wanted to show what kinds of things that gymnasts
do and to show 1 of my favorite piece of equipment
used in gymnastics. Can u guess what it is? The Beam Answer: Pictures I got interested into my topic,
(gymnastics) because I really wanted
to know more about the history of
it and where it originated from.
I also wanted to know if there were
anymore gymnastics equipment that I
didn't know about. I will be prepared to
know more about gymnastics as I move
through life. The reason why I really chose
this topic is because I really love gymnastics
and I think averybody who tries it will
go very far with it. There are lots of different kinds of gymnastics.
I just decided that I would only talk about artistic
gymnastics because I really like it and I think I
should do a little research about it and put it in my
I-search. Floor- NOT EXACTLY AN EQUIPMENT BUT USED IN COMPETITIVE GYMNASTICS Floor is used all around the world. It is mostly used in every routine. When gymnasts are performing their
BIG stunts, they perform on the floor. The floor has
springs in them so its not like a regular floor. The springs help support the stunts and jumps that the gymnasts do on the floor. So when you jump on a gymnasts floor, you go just a little higher. Than usually. Beam These pictures show
the kinds of stuff gymnasts
do on the beam and what
it looks like. Floor They also show what floor looks like. These pictures show
what kind of things
people do on floor and what kind of flips. This picture is a gymnast
at the Olympics in Beijimg, China. Bars These picutres show the bars and how the
gymnasts perform their stunts on them. This picture shows mens bars Information that I found (These are some
interesting facts) This is the dress code for
GYMNASTICS These are some of
the required leotards
gymnasts wear while
doing gymnastics. Concluison I really love gymnastics and I hope to use
all of this information in the future. I really
had a lot o fun doing my I-search and I hope
to learn more and more obout my topic as I
get older. I really hope to learn more about the
history, equipment, and some routines as I go
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