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Olivia Vester

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Zoroastrianism

Zoroastrianism Founding founded by Zoroaster also
known as Zarthrusta Holy Book/ Sacred text Holy Places Laws Rituals/ Customs Rules for Moral Conduct Creation story Major Historical Conflicts Famous Kingdoms and Historical Firgures View of unbelievers Difference between original belief and modern practice around 1200-1500 BC in modern Iran and Afghanistan Ahura Mazda wanted to make a world with the shiny sky, pure water, a flat earth, plants without thorns, animals, and the first man Gayomard. Angra Maiyu didn't like this so he vowed to destroy all of his creations. Ahura Mazda was one step ahead as always and already had 6 immortals to protect them. When Angra Mainyu came he came with his own creations: monsters, demons, and witches. They attacked the plants but they only grew thorns. Then he went after the water but it only became bitter. When they struck the Earth it grew valleys and mountains. Lastly he brought sickness to the man and he died but he didn't notice that his body grew into a rhubarb plant and left. He thought he destroyed man but 40 years later a man and a woman grew from that plant and had 15 sets of twins that started their own races all around the Earth. The Avesta is the main holy book Long ago a remarkable underground cave was found with 13 stories and enough room to hold over 20,000 people. Included in these were holy places, storage rooms, wine press, stables for animals and a ton of ventalation shafts. People think that the Zoroastrists built it to protect itself from an long winter or an ice age. Legends from their holy scripture say Ahura Mazda told them to build an underground place to protect a select few people and animals from this ice age. Now some think that they were protecting themselves from an arial enemy. Other holy scripture includes Yasna, Visperad and the Vendidad When a person dies they should be left at the Tower of Silence to be eaten by vultures, so they do not contaminate the elements. To become a part of the temple children take place in the Naujote ceremony Pray 5 times a day towards a source of light Children must take place in a Naujote ceremony to initiate them into their temple Everything should be done with good thoughts Zarathrusta their creator is the most famous Yima Kshaeta, a great king from the Arayans The Persians were the most famous kingdom Kartir Hangipre, Shapur the Great, and Bahram V who all prosecuted the Christians Yazdegerd tried to help the Christians but then they angered him and later he also prosecuted them. moderation and balance wear a kushti fire worship Kartir Hangpire thought Zoroastrianism was the only true religion so he persecuted every other religion so there would be no competition. Shapur the Great not only prosecuted other religions but even pressed them to join Zoroastrianism. He nass-murdered entire Christian villages and killed all the priests, nuns, and monks as he could. Yazdegard attempted to bring peace between Zoroastrianism and Christianity by rebuilding their temples and sponsering council meetings. The Zoroastrian priests were not very happy about this and tried to pressure him into prosecuting them again. When the Christians finally heard they called Zoroastrianism devil's work, attacked priests and destoryed their temples. The Zoroastrists once again prosecuted the Christians. Braham, Yazdegard's son also attacked Christians and when they fled west to Rome he ordered Rome to prosecute them also. When Rome refused he declared war. When his forces arrived they were overwhelmed with Rome's army and retreated. Later they signed a peace treaty saying they would release Christian captives and Zoroastrists could worship in Rome. Do everything with good in mind Break things down into good and evil truth and falsehood knowledge and ignorance They say that: education is desired Hell is only temporary suffering for sinners best way to beat Angra Mainyu is be joyous dangerous things are here to see if you would pay attention and be careful abortion is murder no reincarnation because it conflicts with resurrection your responsible for your own actions There are 6 main shrines Pir-e Sabz Seti Pir Pir-e Narestuneh Pir-e Banu-Pars Pir-e Naraki Pir-e Herisht They used to pray towards a source of light, like fire, but today they pray towards a lamp. Marriage is no longer arranged they can choose but it is preferred they are the same religion. Most people practice it indirectly through Judiasm, Christianity and Islamic Unbelievers were strongly persecuted before but now they are tolerant of other religions The End! And the Gaspas which is an assortment of hymns follow the 3 commandments good words, good thoughts and good deeds Birth Zoroastrians Symbol Life-long partners Water and fire Moral life Beliefs Birthplace was ancient Persia, which is present day Iran. Although Zoroastrianism is the smallest of today’s religions, they are scattered literally all over the world. The father of this religion was Zarathustra, a prophet of his time. Many beliefs and practices involved multiple gods, but he rejected these practices and preached about one great and supreme god, Ahura Mazda. “Zarathustra preaching’s formed the basis of one of the most influential and long lasting religions the world has ever know”.
Zoroastrianism is defined in ancient scriptures as “the good religion”. Its common book of prayer is the Khura Avesta and the Yashts. The Zoroastrian symbol is the faravahar, a human bird like figure. The Zoroastrian symbol is the faravahar, a human bird like figure. Zoroastrianism does not have a traditional hierarchy or organization due to the wide spread structure Enjoying festivals and social life is part of their philosophy as well as hard work, striving for excellence, marry and raise families, and be active in their communities. Many Zoroastrians desire to find suitable life-partners among fellow Zoroastrians. In the old days, match-makers used to go out and search for prospective brides or grooms. In the Zoroastrian scriptures it is mentioned: “ If a Zoroastrian comes among you, seeking a Zoroastrian bride, then give them such a bride”. In Zoroastrianism, water and fire are agents of ritual purity, and the associated purification ceremonies are considered the basis of ritual life. Both water and fire are considered life-sustaining, and both water and fire represented within the precinct of a fire temple. Water and Fire are respectively the second and last primordial elements to have been created, and scripture considers fire to have its origin in the waters The major point of Zoroastrianism are like most religions. They consider themselves a deeply ethical religion and that its their religious “duty” to lead a moral life. Their beliefs are imbedded in the creed of Zoroastrianism, goodness in all acts of each person each and everyday. Zoroastrians belief in a creator includes the belief in free will. They preach life after death and stress the rewards and punishments a soul will be given after death. One differing belief of many ancient religions was the view on women and their role in society. Zarathustra declared that women were religiously equal to men, which was astonishing for it’d time and they could also be “saved” They placed women on a level with men not only in matters or religion Families encourages their daughters to learn and grow through knowledge This was also astonishing for its time in history, because as we all know, knowledge is power By: Dusty and Olivia
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