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Funding Your College Experience

No description

Rema Ox

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Funding Your College Experience

Funding Your College Experience
Funding College Through Scholarships
Billions of dollars of free money
Junior/ Senior year = ideal time
Take Notes!
About Joel Bervell
Sophmore at Yale University
Born in British Columbia, Canada
Lived in Seattle, WA
Older sister, younger brother
Loves playing soccer!
Majoring in: Biology?
Secured $200,000 in scholarships

How to Find Scholarships
How to Get Scholarships
What to do once you win?
Scholarships You Should Apply For
250 Scholarships worth $10,000 / 50 Scholarships of $20,000
Free all-expense trip to Atlanta
Become a part of the "Coca-Cola network"
Leadership/ Community Service Based
High School Seniors
Due October
4 year and community college scholarships
Coca Cola Scholarship
Eighty $10,000 four year scholarships
Four annual installments of $2,500
Available to high school juniors
2.7 GPA minimum
Leadership / Community Service
Due May
Nordstrom Scholarship
Up to $40,000 over four years
All-expense paid trip for your family to California
Learn about the legacy of Ronald Reagan
Leadership and Service oriented
Due in January
GE-Reagan Scholarship
Advice from the experienced
Full tuition in college for 1,000 students
Trip to Washington D.C. or California your freshman year of college
Network of people to support you and help you finish college
Open to high school seniors; graduate level scholarships available in certain fields
Nomination required
Gates Millennium Scholarship
Open to high school juniors, 2 yr academy
Trip to Seattle during your senior year
Fully funded study abroad over the summer
Leadership/ Financial need
Alexander Hamilton & Friends
Start the search for free money!
1. What do I look for?
2. Where do I look?
3. What should I avoid?
You've found a scholarship, now what?
1. How to start the application
2. What to write about
3. Making your application stick out
You've won (or lost)... What now?
1. How do I keep track of my money?
2. What do I do if I didn't get the scholarship?
3. How can I learn?
Types of Scholarships
University Scholarships
Local Scholarships
Community Service/ Leadership
Financial Aid Based
Heritage/ Ethnicity
Tell Your Story
Find what you're passionate about - and tell me
Be creative - have fun with it!
Recycle essays
Practice for the college application
Entertain your reader
Avoid being vague
Have people proofread
Understand the Guidelines
Read directions COMPLETELY
Watch out for due dates
Do you qualify?
Tailor each application
Submit all components
Gathering your Materials
Get all Materials:
Test Scores (SAT & ACT)
Financial Aid Forms
Essays or SOP
Letters of Recommendation
Proof of Eligibility
Make copies
Make Your Application Shine
Do your research on the scholarship
Manage your online presence
Be neat and think outside of the box
Don't be afraid to brag
Include supplemental material
Read over your application before you mail it

Follow Up
Keep in Contact
Send a thank you note
Continue to check in regularly
Ask about other scholarships

Scholarship Scam Warnings
Get Organized
Create a spreadsheet with:
Scholarship Name
Start date
Make a folder on the computer with each scholarship
Keep a binder of the letters/ documents you receive
Keep all your essays you write!
Create an activity sheet resume
Keep any online/ print news articles
Scholarship Websites
Places to Look
Key Word Searches: Google, Bing, Yahoo
Don't be ashamed to ask
Ask around - ask anybody
Look in Newspapers
Counselor's Office
Locally/ Nationally
Organizations/ Larger Corporations
When to Look for Scholarships
Deadlines are between November/ May usually
Majority of scholarships = $1,000 - $5,000
Make getting scholarships a "job"
Ask for Money
Never give away bank account information
Be cautious giving out SSN
"Chances are that you will be asked to write an essay, so use that opportunity to tell a story. Your story. Remember that above all, your goal is to be memorable as a person who did something different, and noteworthy, so relentlessly search for ways to make your accomplishments that much more entertaining or interesting. Make it rhyme. Say it from the perspective of an first grader. Show your audience that you have the creativity and the spark that makes people game changers and leaders, and they will invest in your future."
"Take time creating an excellent resume, apply for everything (you never know what you could end up with!) and make it a part time job searching for scholarships. The more the merrier! I didn't think I'd stand a chance for the Coke scholarship and it turned out to be one of the greatest blessings!"
"Find your passion. The number of clubs don't matter, it's the commitment level."
"Get started early because there is a lot to navigate! And don't be afraid to apply to a lot of them because you never know which scholarships will and won't pan out."
The In-Person Interview/
Phone Call/ Skype
Have talking points prepared
What's your elevator pitch?
Introduce yourself to your interviewer/ Break the barrier
Finding the Right "Recommender"
Find someone that knows you well/ likes you
Can discuss your leadership/ skill/ personal traits
Teachers, instructors, coaches, NOT parents
Recommendations can make or break an application
Try different people for different scholarships
Ask early, let your person know you'll be applying a lot
Manage Your Cash
Keep a spreadsheet of your winnings
Follow up if you don't receive it
Check in with your college to make sure they receive the funds
Didn't Win? Don't Worry!
Keep applying to scholarships - you won't get them all
Revise your essays/ application
+ So Many More
Buick Achievers
$25,000 per year for 100 seniors
Open to High School Seniors
Interested in pursuing a career in the automotive or related industries (engineering, tech, design, business, etc.)

Contact info:
Funding Your
College Experience

Rema Oxandaboure
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

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