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Edgar Allan Poe

No description


on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Edgar Allan Poe

The man, the mystery. The Tell-Tale Heart What do we need to know? A Reading of
The Raven What is... Mood? What is... Don't Forget! Just because a narrator tells you something, doesn't mean it has to be true. You must use your own judgment to decide if a narrator is reliable! Show what you know... On a half sheet of paper, give one example of something that Edgar Allan Poe did to create suspense in The Tell-Tale Heart. A Reading of
The Tell-Tale Heart The Monkey's Paw Synopsis When Mr. & Mrs. White receive a monkey's paw from a friend who was in the army in India, they learn of it's mysterious power to grant three wishes. Soon enough, they begin to wish, but things don't always turn out as they have planned. Check out the video and read the story to find out more, but be careful what you wish for... Read on: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/12122/12122-h/12122-h.htm The Celebrated Jumping Frog
of Calaveras County Read it here: http://www.classicreader.com/book/2911/1/ Synopsis When an East coast man visits a western mining town looking for a man named Leonidas Smiley, he gets stories instead of answers from Simon Wheeler. Listen along with the narrator as you find out about a man named Jim who would bet on anything, even if it meant cheating his way to the top. The Necklace Read it: Synopsis http://www.bartleby.com/195/20.html Miss Mathilde Loisel desperately wishes to escape her middle class life and become wealthy so she can enjoy the finer things in life. She constantly berates her own life and upbringing, sure that she was meant to be rich and fancy. When she gets invited to a fancy ball with her husband, she complains and complains until he offers to buy her a new dress. When she realizes she has no jewels, she ends up doing the same, but to no avail. Mathilde borrows a diamond necklace from her friend. She wears it to the ball and is adored by everyone, but to her dismay, finds that she has lost the necklace once they return home. After searching and not having any luck finding it, she and her husband realize they must buy a new one. What will her friend do when she finds out? How will they be able to afford the expensive jewels? Will the Loisels ever be happy? Find out! Edgar
Poe Poe lived a strange, troubled life His parents separated when he was young.

His mom died when he was two years old.

He was then adopted.

He joined and was kicked out of the military.

Married his 13 year old cousin (He was 27).
11 years later, his wife/cousin dies of TB, Poe is crushed.

He acquired drinking problem.

He died at age 40, but the reason for his death is still a mystery. Edgar Allan Poe is a legend in the genre of horror and regarded as a master of the art of suspense! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7mjqj_the-simpsons-monkeys-paw_shortfilms Guy de Maupassant Wrote tons of short stories.

In his later years, he became paranoid and desired to be alone.

He was put into an asylum in 1892 and died 1.5 years later.

He wrote is own epitaph which said: "I have coveted everything and taken pleasure in nothing." Guy, I mustache you a question... We don't have the time right now, Poe. We must get ready for the plays! Can you shave it for later? Mark Twain His real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Mark Twain was his pen name.
Mark Twain suffered some financial troubles and worked hard to pay off his debts.
After his daughter died of meningitis, he suffered a period of deep depression.
He was quoted as saying "I came in with Halley's Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it." He was right. He died one day after the comet showed again. Edgar Allan Poe Mood is the feeling or atmosphere that the writer creates for the reader. Writers create mood through: Choice of setting (time and place).
The use of figurative language like imagery (words & phrases that appeal to the reader's senses.
Conversations (dialogue) between characters. Suspense? Suspense is what writers use to create a sense of excitement, tension, dread, or even fear about what is going to happen next. Suspense is developed by: Describing a character's anxiety or fear
Relating vivid descriptions of dramatic sights and sounds
Repeating words, phrases, or characters' actions Suspense Nevermore Learning Targets: I can analyze the development of the theme or central idea of a text using characters, setting, and plot. I can analyze how specific word choice, including analogies or connections to other texts, affects the meaning and tone. I can compare and contrast the structure of two or more texts. The Raven Compare & Contrast As you fill out the Venn Diagram, ask yourself the following questions: What things were unique to Poe's version of "The Raven"?

What things were unique to The Simpsons' version of "The Raven"?

What are some differences between the two?

How do these similarities and differences affect the story? Final Thought On a half sheet of paper, answer the following question in complete sentences: What kind of mood does "The Raven" have? Give one example of something that Edgar Allan Poe did to create this mood. Compare & Contrast Follow your instructions and answer the questions within your group. We will be sharing as a class. Want More
Poe? Check out the resources in this document! What are things you liked about how we learned Poe this week. What was helpful in understanding or remembering things? What wasn't? Explain. What helps you?
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