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Mistaken Identity Analysis

No description

taya vanderzwaag

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Mistaken Identity Analysis

The date takes an unexpected turn when Kali and Steve are talking and together say some very different things
Kali: " I'm gay"(Cooper 1327).
Steve: "Will you marry me?(Cooper 1327).
these things are stated in unison of each other.
Situational irony is used to show how someones sexuality is over analyzed in today's society.
Through situational irony, Kalis decision to keep the secret, and Steves understanding, "Mistaken Identity" shows that society should be less concerned about a persons sexuality; thus, Mistaken Identity by Sharon Cooper shows us its not as important as its portrayed by society.
Kali's decision to keep her sexuality a secret also emphasizes the over analysis of a person's sexuality.
" ... you just don't know how they'll react. I'd run the risk of not being allowed to see my nieces. I'm so exhausted from hiding, I can barely breathe" (Cooper 1329-1330).
Steve's understanding of the Kali's situation shows how quickly someone can get learning about someones sexuality.
Mistaken Identity Analysis
Taya Vanderzwaag

The Play begins with Kali being set up on a blind date which was set up by her brother.
This shows Kali's distress, about having to hide just because of what people might think of her sexuality because its so analyzed by everyone including a person's family.
Instead of freaking out like he then just reflected on himself. "-asking you to marry me on a first date! You must think im pretty desperate huh?" (Cooper 1330).
He also is cool enough to still continue hanging out with her. " I mean, as friends. If you ever wanted one around. You're a nice girl Kali" (Cooper 1330).
The all to prevalent topic of a person's sexuality is proven to be over analyzed in today's society according to Sharon Coopers "Mistaken Identity" through her use of situational irony, having Kali's character keep her secret, and having Steve's character being very understanding and tolerant of the entire situation.
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