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2. Physical Interfaces

No description

Robbie Napper

on 11 July 2016

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Transcript of 2. Physical Interfaces

Physical Interfaces
three key principles...
where the physical characteristics influence function
a method of limiting the actions that can be performed on a system
driver's position
head/tail lamp
symbols and words MAY have accepted meanings
these can get lost though...
symbols - cultural
physical constraints
physical constraints
square array
linear array
the relationship between controls and their movements or effects
some other techniques...
operant conditioning
a technique used to modify behaviour
reinforce and reward desired behaviours
punish undesired behaviours
form follows function
the suggestion that beauty in design relates to purity of function
copying the properties of familiar objects
(kind of like cultural constraints)
to make them easier to understand
the usability of a system is improved when it's status and methods of use are clearly visible
elements close together are perceived to be related
similar objects seem related
also a method for differentiation
golden ratio
1: 1.618
a property of visual equivalence in form
ie, to stop people getting things wrong!
things in the world that might stop us
things we know to be true (assumptions)
things we learn. WARNING - they might be different to other people!
the poker machine is designed to reward play, and therefore take more money!
(epic) fail
much better!
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