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Krupp Library

No description

shannon fowler

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of Krupp Library

Target Markets
Our Goal
SWOT Analysis
What People Are Saying...
"I feel like I cannot talk or do group work in the main level of the library."

"I only think of the library as a quiet place to study"

"I go about twice a week."

"I have not used the reference desk"

Incite Consulting
Krupp Library

Businesses and Alumni Communication Strategy
Overall Strategy
Database Research and Consulting
In-House services and book rental
Market development
"Our goal is to assist the Krupp Library in better understanding what current and prospective patrons of the library want and need"
Communication Tactics
Goals and Objectives
Communication Strategy Cont.
Overall Strategy
Market Penetration
Product Development
Work Spaces
ACE Services
Unknown services
Social Media
1. Re-emphasis on group work spaces
2. Introduce new product offerings
3. Reach our target markets
TV promotion
Tri-Panel Table Top
"Lunch Menus"

($1-2 per unit)
1. Space in the first floor devoted to group work collaborative work stations
White boards, Krupp-Trons, seating for bigger groups
2. Monitor/Board displaying different services library offers
Encourages group work on first floor

1st Floor Re-Design
Implementation & Control
Online questionnaire sent to those who use library services
Suggestion box
Count of students 1-4 times/month
Measure use of different areas
Interact with students!

Product Offerings
1. ACE Hub
2. Redesigned 1st floor Area
3. Library "Lunch Menu"
4. Bridges To Bryant
5. Communication Tactics
Satellite Office
2nd Floor
Undergraduate students

Student Statements
Constant demand for study spaces
Increase during finals
Group projects
Difficulty increasing the flow of students and patrons to utilize library services
Problems to be Addressed
Library "Lunch Menu"
Bridges to Bryant
Alumni/Local Business
Consulting services
Access to databases
Room/book rental
Yearly basis - $600
Alert | ACE Hub at full capacity, start booking your appointments for Monday...
Needed Service
Valuable Resources
Look Out for the Social Media Marketing Course offered next semester!
Undergraduate & Graduate Students
Alumni & Local Businesses
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