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No description

Alex O'Shaughnessy

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Pleasantville

Connections to Psychology two teenagers, David and Jennifer, brother and sister, are sucked into a black and white TV show set in the 1950's based around a perfect community called Pleasantville
Jennifer begins to stray from the Pleasantville norm, things being to change into colour
as more and more turns into colour, the town begins to put a ban on "coloureds" coming into stores and the town enforces laws to stop all the new changes
Jennifer, discovering her love of knowledge, stays in Pleasantville to continue her education
David returns to the real world Plot Synopsis Connections to Anthropology Nurture - shows that while it may be scary, change sometimes is a good thing Rianna, Deandra, Alex Pleasantville Main Characters David Wagner played by Tobey MacGuire shy and introverted
loves the show "Pleasantville"
lives with divorced mother
twin brother to Jennifer Wagner
after being transported to "Pleasantville", takes place as the character Bud
becomes more social while in "Pleasantville"
helps many people discover new things in a "coloured world"
returns to real world Jennifer Wagner played by Reese Witherspoon popular and shallow
considered "easy"
lives with divorced mother
twin sister to David Wagner
portrays Mary Sue after being transported to "Pleasantville"
discovers her love of reading while in "Pleasantville"
decides not to return to the world
stays in "Pleasantville" to continue education when David and Jennifer arrive, the citizens begin to adopt their ways
at the beginning of the movie, Jennifer doesn't like school or studying, through influence by other Pleasantville citizens she begins to enjoy reading and academics Freud's Psychosexual Stages - Genital stage 12 - adulthood
Jennifer is shown throughout the movie as very sexual Displacement - David redirects his desire to have a perfect life into obsessively watching Plesantville where everything is perfect Connections to Sociology Beliefs - The beliefs of the people in Pleasantville were mainly about their values, they knew the difference good or bad, but only believed in good because it was a perfect world and bad stuff like fire did not even exist. Conformity - David and Jennifer first entered the TV show, they needed to conform to the way that the Pleasantville society behaved and the way they did things.
That did not last long because Jennifer was trying to be rebellious, it still did happen. That type of conformity would have been compliance, because she conformed to the public yet still had her own beliefs. Conformity - the people of the town started to do acts that would turn them into colour.
Group attractiveness was for sure one reason that everyone wanted to switch. Being in colour attracted the people of the town, because they were used to being black and white.
Bill Johnson, the owner of the diner, wanted to find meaning in his life, he did not just want to work at the diner and have the same routine over and over again
Bill started to paint and realized it was something he loved to do, so he conformed himself to the part of society that were all being different from each other and left his old type of society Pleasantville shown sequentially, in third person Important Scenes/Occurences concept of Pleasantville
"TV repair man" attempts to fix the TV which ultimately results in the kids being sucked into the show
the first time something changes into colour is after Jennifer has sex with a Pleasantville citizen, who sex is completely foreign to
Mary Sure/Jennifer changes Pleasantville Major Points There is no such thing as perfection, only how people perceive things
There's beauty in imperfection
Change can be good in many situations Secondary Points They get sucked into a tv
Town becomes colourful
Jennifer's rebellious ways cause the town to change
Sex, colour, clothing and music changes Perception - Mayor blames David for the problems Pleasantville has but the problem is really their outlook and opinion that everything must be perfect perfection can be boring
change is the only way to progress Impact This Movie Teaches That.. Recommended to everyone Bill Johnson played by Jeff Daniels owns the soda shop in Pleasantville
boss and friend to David/Bud
realizes he wants to be a painter
gets arrested for painting mural with illegal colours
falls in love with Mary Sue and David's mother in Pleasantville Strong Issues discrimination
idea of perfection
the concept of change and whether it's good or bad Weaker Issues harassment in the streets of "coloured" people
the new rules
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