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John Davison Rockefeller

No description

Kai McGinn

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of John Davison Rockefeller

Early Childhood
2—brief summary of Rockefeller
3—birth date (July 8th, 1839), where he was born, parents
4—moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 1853; first job = a book-keeping clerk at produce commission house
5—started oil business at 19; Clark and Rockefeller—where he started really doing his management
• Created other branches (New York, Standard Works—brought out The Standard Oil Company)
6—problem with transportation: South Improvement Company Scheme of 1872, Pennsylvania Railroad
***7—first trust, in 1882
8—going into production of crude oil
9—public opposition
10—famous excursion: Mesabi iron ore range, Consolidated Iron Mines
10.5- something else if we need it
11—charity, giving; philanthropic
12—significance and stuff
13— impacts on society at that time
14—impacts on society today
14.5—all his stuff (what kai said)
15—stats also his monies
15.5--extra info
16—died on May 23rd 1937, Onmoroda, Florida
-also what happened after he dies, his business

John Davison Rockefeller
Back then...
What was he?
Standard Oil Company
Horizontal Integration
Vertical Integration
Standard Oil Trust
Other Opinions...
Let's go back in time...
Other Branches!
Now back to the time of his realm...
The End of An Era
His Successor
The Demise of Standard Oil
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