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ALL-SMART-PIGS - an introduction

No description

Heiner Lehr

on 12 March 2018

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Transcript of ALL-SMART-PIGS - an introduction

What is SmartFarming?
or Precision Livestock Farming for that matter?
Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) is an animal and farm-centric approach to livestock management.
It assists farmers in detecting animal needs as quickly as possible by real-time monitorisation, often using sensors.
It's about helping farmers to manage their livestock better.
more acceptable
more practical
Answering to societal demands:
better animal welfare and health
better management practices
less contamination
Answering to farm economics:
better care for money
increased production control
optimisation of management
What is at stake?
In 2050 there will be 9 billion people
The percentage of meat will rise from 7% to 9% of calorie intake
Chinese meat intake has doubled in 1980-2005
The percentage of eggs and dairy will rise more
The Economist cites 4 ways to “feed the world”:
Avoidance of waste
Narrowing the gap between the worst and best producers
Taking advantage of new plant technologies
Spreading the so-called “livestock revolution”
Switching from traditional, open-air methods of animal husbandry to closed “battery” systems, in which animals are confined to cages and have their diet, health and movement rigorously controlled.
1/3 through selection and breeding
1/3 through improved feeding
1/3 through disease control
Cheap, cheap
...and animal welfare?
Smart Farming is an essential part of the “livestock revolution”
What we discuss as production improvement, is a necessity elsewhere

As such, we have the obligation to contribute to providing solutions
Through an animal and farm centric approach that seeks a balance between production, welfare and health
Improving living conditions and avoiding illness
Improving genetics and the reproduction cycle
Optimising feed usage along the supply chain
Avoiding the emission of green house gases to the atmosphere

Smart Farming is an essential part of European competitiveness and of Europe’s contribution to the reduction of hunger and malnutrition
Pig production
Main production issues
Feed and feed conversion
Health, in particular respiratory health
Air quality
Welfare, in particular aggression
aka "the stink"
ALL-SMART-PIGS wants to demonstrate the technical and economic viability of precision livestock farming technologies in European pig farming.
Six base smart technologies
Feed sensor
Air quality
By PLF Agritech Europe
Feed-Detect measures the weight of feed delivered to a specific feeder and allows farm managers to plan feeding precisely. Additionally it reduces wastage by ensuring that feed is not spilled out while the feeder is still full.
Key facts:
•Robust •Allows pen-wise measuring of feed
•Reliable •Software interface for later processing
By PLF Agritech Europe
Weight-Detect is an innovative video image analysis system that determines group average weight of a pen of animals by a video observation system. Its high accuracy enables farmer to determine growth and any weight based indexes on a daily basis without physically weighing the animals.

Key facts:
•Simple and transportable •Automatic
•Requires minimal infrastructure •Non-invasive
•Safe for animals and workers •Accurate
•Continuously records information
Pig Cough Monitor
By Sound Talks
The Pig Cough Monitor is a turnkey solution for continuous monitoring of pig coughs in the compartment with the aim to react quickly to upcoming respiratory diseases. Using microphones, recorded data is transferred via a farm computer to the Sound Talks online application. Online graphs of the cough index enable the farmer to evaluate whether an increase in coughs is natural or rather an emerging respiratory disease.
by Fancom
eYeNamic was built as a
n automatic early
warning system for abnormal beh
avior of animals i
n a pen. The camera system meas
ures the activity
and the distribution of pigs in a p
en and compares
it to normal behavior pattern
s. It decreases the
risk of negative consequences f
or welfare and he
alth of the animals and thus increas
es the productivit
y of a farm. The system provides an
y index and an activity index fo
r sixteen squares i
n each pen allowing the farmer to
detect problems im
mediately and react quickly. Cha
nges in the occupati
on index can indicate e.g. prob
lems with the micro-
climate. Changes in the activ
ity index can indicate
health or behavioral problem
By PLF Agritech Europe
Enviro-Detect was built to decrease the risk of respiration issues for workers and animals in a simple and practical fashion. The cost-effective and portable environmental monitoring system measures airborne pollutants accurately and constantly to ensure that health of human and animals in piggery buildings is maintained.
Farm Traceability System
The purpose of the farm traceability system is to collect production data in order to monitor the farm and prevent outbreak of disease. NEMA’s traceability system covers three major areas: traceability, health monitoring and transportation.
How to combine these technologies into a practical and acceptable smart pig farming product?
User-centric research methodology for sensing, prototyping, validating and refining complex solutions in multiple and evolving real life contexts

The European Network of Living Labs is the international federation of benchmarked Living Labs in Europe and worldwide.

So far 212 accepted LLs.

Headquartered in Brussels.

Supports the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth

Living labs are open platforms to engage user communities as contributors to innovations

Provide real-life user needs definition testing facilities offered by local Public-Private-Partnerships
Background Livinglabs
Year 1
Year 2
November 2012
Kickoff Sitges
Web launched
1st LivingLab session
in Spain and Hungary
Concept and
Prototype design
Installation on farm
Collect data
Collect data
Collect data
Socio-economic assessment
With the support:
Project title
Practical implementation of precision livestock technologies and services at European pig farms using the living lab methodology
Funding scheme
Collaborative Project (small or medium-scale focused research project targeted to SMEs)
KBBE.2012.1.4-02: Boosting the translation of FP projects' results into innovative applications in the field of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture.
Olavur Gregersen, Syntesa sp/f, Faroe Islands
See PLF in action: 4 conferences in one

10-12 September 2013 Leuven, Belgium
Marie-Curie Action
training researchers in PLF
Multidisciplinary Coordination and Support Action
Introduced the concept of practical and acceptable SmartFarming
Ended in 2011
Published book
available at Amazon
SmartFarming is the commercial, Precision Livestock Farming the scientific name.
EU-PLF: our sister project
Start: Nov 2012 End: Nov 2016

Will produce a validated blueprint for the introduction of a SmartFarming service sector in Europe by combining high-tech SMEs with industry leaders. Includes a competition between SmartFarming entrepreneurs, the SMEDrive
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