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No description

Patricia Stitson

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of mLearning

Welcome to Tomorrow!
Now What? Design Delivery Security HTML5 or Flash? LMS How will you track your learning?

Tin Can API is the "next generation" SCORM Do you need to program learning in both Flash and HTML5? Do you need to program learning in both
flash and HTML5? Flash programming
does not work on
touch screens BYOT
company supplied? “Mobile learning is not a replacement for the other learning options you may have in place such as online courses or webinars or even instructor-led training. However, they should become an integral part of your training strategy.”
(Brown, Haag, 2013) Needs Analysis! What do your learners need to do? What role will mLearning support? How does mLearning fit your
overall training strategy? Types of Learning Formal Informal Self-Directed Types of Interactions Learner to SME Learner to Content Learner to Learner How is mobile used
on your network? Will sensitive network data be available through devices? Will learning be through free standing apps or through a wireless connection? Employees are believed to be responsible for nearly half of all sensitive data issues Lost and stolen devices Employee theft Issues Solutions Thinner phones Tracking devices Shelly Nebel Pauline Dunlop Patricia Stitson Trends Presentation
INTE 6750 Watch this introductory video. Click to play.
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