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Mitch Lucker

A Presentation of one of my biggest inspirations, Mitch Lucker, Oct. 20, 1984 - Nov. 1, 2012.

Hannah Gordon

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Mitch Lucker

Mitch Lucker Thanks you for watching:) Oct. 20, 1984 - Nov. 1, 2012 In 2002, Mitch's Life was going to change forever when The band that changes millions of lives formed when he was 18. Suicide Silence Was Formed You Only Live Once Mitch Had been drinking and got in a verbal fight with his wife. He didn't want to fight anymore and he needed to clear his mind, so he took his motorcycle out for a ride. Somewhere around 8:55 p.m Holloween night, Mitch lost control of the motorcycle and crashed. He was pronounced dead at 6:17 the next morning. Things Took A turn for the Worst on November first, 2012. RIP MITCH LUCKER, FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS. Mitch Adam Lucker Was Born On Oct. 20, 1984 Mitch was always known as a rocker in high school. Their Album "The cleansing" came out in 2007. Then "No Time To Bleed" Came out in 2009, Followed by the release of "The Black Crown" in 2011. Suicide Silence is a heavy-metal band composed of Mitch Lucker, Vocals, Daniel Kenny, Bass guitar, Chris Garza, guitar, Mark Heylmun, Lead guitar, and Alex Lopez, Drums. "You Only Live Once" Is the song that made the Rock industry and fans go crazy over suicide silence. Released in early 2011, and made a music video for the heavy metal masterpiece in July. "You Only Live Once" lead to people discovering this band, and to lead to their fans listening to their other songs like "Wake Up," and "Disengaged." Suicide Silence was a very successful band with tons of fans from all over the world. They went on warped tour and did tours of their own. Life was good for all of them. They all had wonderful lives. On June 13, 2007, Mitch and his wife gave birth to Kenadee Lucker Things Have been difficult since the night the idol of many died. His Family was being harassed over twitter, telling his four-year-old daughter to go kill herself. Mitch Was an inspiration, and he will never be Truly dead. He will always be in the heart of his fans. He has left a legacy engraved into our hearts, may he always be missed.
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