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Internets involvment with Decision Making

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Greg Akerley

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of Internets involvment with Decision Making

There is Influence
What the Experts said
What the Experts said
Status Update
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In the field research done by myself, both participents agreed on that there is an overwhelming necessity of the internet, however not on their decision making, One is quoted on saying that " I only by things off the internet when its a better price." opposed to the other who states that she did not do most of her shopping online but rather when she couldnt find it in stores.
The Internet does have a heavy influnce of people today in their decison making because of vast amounts of internet access and use that people have today along with marketing teams focusing their advertisements on internet users to sell their products.

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The Influence of the Internet on teenagers and parents. Boussif Torkia, Issaoui Fakhri and Daly Chaker Najer looked and travel agency files, websites, and interviews to find out why these people chose the particular place for traveling. Their conclusion is that teenagers are much more connected to the Internet so that they would take on the role of decision making rather than the rest of the family members thus the result of family vacations spots having a large percentage of teenagers.

There is No Heavy Influence
Not all people have internet and the internet is not a major resource like it is in most first world countries.
The Issue
Does the Internet Heavily Influence people in decison making?
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By Greg Akerley
The study done by Nielsen Global, the majority of people believe that the importance of a decive is decided influence from the internet. The majority of decision making from the internet is for electronic devices.
The conclusion is that most people in the first world countries are heavily impacted in their decison making and people with not an easy access to it are not because of the very different econimic and social differences. People in the first world countries are able to survive without it, however are more likely to be using it to help make decisions rather than not.

Internets involvment with Decision Making
Panayiota Tsatou look at a focus group in Greece. . The study did find out a minority amount of members did not have access to the internet. The members who did have internet did say that there were using it to find information on what they wanted to purchase or participate in. The conclusion that was reached was, “Cultural parameters related to historical and civic sense of culture,” and “ Needs, wants, desires influence decision making.”
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