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Vera Wang

No description

Jamie Atkins

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Vera Wang

At a young age Vera Wang started figure skating, but when she didn't make the olympic team she got into the fashion industry. Vera studied Theatre at Sarah Lawrence College, but switched to Art History. She attend the Sorbonne in Paris, learning all about french fashion. Later she was an editor for Vogue for 17 years and then wanting to become a designer herself she became a Ralph Lauren design director for 2 years and many celebrities started wearing her designs. Things really got started for her when she was searching for a gown for her wedding, she couldn't find one good enough so she hired a dressmaker and created her own. After that she decided to open up her own bridal shop, Vera Wang Bridal House, selling dresses from top designers
Vera Wang makes very elegant wedding gowns and evening wear. She even made some figure skating outifts in the late 90's for olympic skaters. She now even has a line at kohls's.
Employment Fashion industry
Vera Wang started off with a small bridal shop in New York City Over the next few years, Wang honed her skills as a fashion designer and eventually launched a signature collection of streamlined and sophisticated bridal wear. Now Vera Wang has her own line of bridal dresses in many salons and even a line at kohl's
Vera Wang has changed the bridal fashion drastically, her designs are loved by many people and she has set a new standard on elegant wedding gowns.
Styles and Trends
Vera Wang's style is very elegant and classy. The designs she makes are very out there and unique.
Her Inspiration
Her first inspiration on becoming a designer was from Couture shows Her, and her mom would go to on their trips to Paris.
Vera Wang
Logos and Brands
Cultural Influences
In June 2005, She won the Council of Fashion Designers America's Women's wear Designer of the Year And on May 27th 2006, she was given the Andre Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement Award by the Savannah College of Art Design.
Fashion house
Vera Wang has a bridal fashion house with around 250 employees.
Vera Wang has influences of her chinese culture, but also has created a totally unique and eccentric culture from her creativity.
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