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"Growing Up," Russell Baker

Pause-and-reflect questions

S Samuelson

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of "Growing Up," Russell Baker

"Growing Up," by Russell Baker
2. Define "gumption." Use context clues to help you!
Vocabulary Activity:
Match each description with one of the vocabulary terms
1. Mrs. Williams always passes on her infamous words of wisdom.
2. Mrs. Vance attacked and ate her lunch with enthusiasm because she had packed macacroni-and-cheese.
3. Mrs. Roberts walked quickly past our English class.
4. Although students were perfectly behaved in English today, Mrs. Williams seemed to be in one of her moods where nothing would please her.
5. Key Details
Page 8: Write down your vocabulary terms:
1. Maxim
2. Stride
3. Surly
4. Zeal
5. Characterization
3. How would you characterize Buddy so far? List three important details about him.
4. How do Mom, Buddy, and the Curtis Publishing Company executive feel about Buddy's new job?
5. Why do you think Russell's mother pushes him so hard?
6. Compare and contrast Buddy and his sister.
7. What are Buddy's mom maxims? Write them down with a citation to give credit to the author.
1. Connect: What do you already know about the Great Depression?
Irony Example:
An example of sarcasm is, "So far as I could make out, what writers did couldn't even be classified as work" (Baker 628). This is ironic because although Baker says that writers do not appear to do much at all, we as the readers and he as a writer know that writing well is an incredibly difficult task.
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